Man confesses to Missouri mosque and clinic fires, prosecutors say

October 22, 2013


A Missouri man has confessed to twice trying to set a Planned Parenthood Clinic on fire and also admitted to setting a blaze that destroyed a mosque in the same town in 2012, federal prosecutors said in court documents filed on Monday.

When Jedediah Stout, 29, was charged Friday with two arson attempts at the Joplin, Missouri, clinic on October 3 and 4, authorities made no mention of his suspected involvement in an August 6, 2012, blaze that gutted the Islamic Society of Joplin mosque.

But in a motion filed on Monday seeking Stout’s continued detention, federal prosecutors said he also had confessed to the mosque blaze and an earlier fire at the mosque on July 4, 2012, that caused minor roof damage. Stout remains in custody pending a Tuesday hearing.

Muslim community leaders raised more than $400,000 from around the world in less than three weeks to help rebuild the mosque in Joplin, the only Muslim house of worship within a 50-mile radius, according to a website posting at the time. Money is still being raised for the project.

Authorities gave no motive for Stout’s alleged actions at the mosque or the Planned Parenthood clinic, which does not provide abortion services.

According to a federal affidavit, surveillance video helped identify Stout as a suspect.



Chicago is ground zero in U.S. Muslim renaissance

CHICAGO — Religious affiliation may be on the wane in America, a recent Pew study asserts, but you wouldn’t know it walking into the storefront near the corner of West 63rd Street and South Fairfield Avenue.


Inside a former bank in a neighborhood afflicted with gang violence, failed businesses and empty lots, a team of volunteers drawn by their religious faith is working to make life better for Chicago’s poorest residents.


The free medical clinic has expanded its hours; 20-something college graduates are clamoring to get into its internship program; rap stars swing by its alcohol-free poetry slams; and the budget has increased tenfold in the past decade.


The storefront belongs to Chicago’s Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) and it is part of a wave of new Muslim institutions emerging at an unprecedented pace. More than a quarter of the nation’s 2,106 mosques were founded in the last decade, according to a recent University of Kentucky study, and new social service organizations, many of them run by 20- and 30-something American-born Muslims, are thriving as never before.


This surge in new Muslim institutions, led by a nationwide network of young activists, “is the most important story in Islam in America right now,” said Eboo Patel, founder of the college campus-based Interfaith Youth Core.


Young Muslims “are going about the process of institution building in concretely American ways,” said Kambiz GhaneaBassiri of Reed College, author of “A History of Islam in America,” adding that the 9/11 terrorist attacks shaped a generation of young Muslim activists.


Dentist in Netherlands Keeps Special Ramadan Hours

August 4 2011
A dentist in the Hague is opening his clinic at night during the month of Ramadan to serve patients unable to attend his practice during the day. Fasting , including refraining from swallowing saliva, during daylight hours prevents some Muslims from attending the dentist. After speaking with a local Imam Peter Thiel decided to open is clinic after sunset, and he accepts emergency cases all night.


Dutch Hospital Preemptively Removes Paintings of Pigs

A hospital in the Dutch city of Leerdam has removed three paintings depicting pigs, on the grounds that they may offend Muslim patients. The removal followed a complaint by a non-Muslim patient that the images could be offensive. The clinic subsequently removed the pictures because “all visitors must feel comfortable in the institution.”

Woman in burqa denied entrance to Utrecht clinic

A Muslim woman was denied entrance to the examination room at a Utrecht first aid clinic because she was wearing a burqa.

The 23-year old woman visited the clinic with her three month old baby on Christmas day. Reports indicated that the doctor was willing to treat the baby with the father but would not allow the mother to be present in the examining room.

The clinic has announced that it regrets the incident and is investigating what happened.

Dutch Diabetes Clinic Provides Ramadan Advice

A hospital in Amsterdam’s Slotervaart neighbourhood is offering counseling to diabetic residents who want to fast during Ramadan. Patients attend the clinic to seek advice or shift the dosage of their medication. Often, they are advised against fasting. Clinic nurse Fatima Malki explains, “We have to tell them it’s not a good idea. We explain to them that there are verses of the Qur’an which allow very sick people to be excused from fasting.”

In less than 10 years the clinic has become a well known resource in the neighbourhood and sees an increase in attendance over Ramadan. Eelco Meesters, head of the specialist diabetes unit at the hospital, tells AFP that the clinic treats over 1,400 patients, over half of whom are immigrants from Morocco, Turkey and Surinam.

Diabetes affects foreigners in Spain

The numbers of immigrants living with diabetes in Spain is estimated between 15-25 percent of immigrants, compared to just 12 percent among native Spaniards. “We think there are around 500,000 diabetic immigrants, diagnosed and not, most of whom are Latin American, Moroccan and Pakistani”, explains Josep Franch at the Raval Sud Drassanes medical clinic in Barcelona. Doctors believe the rates are connected to cultural food choices, and are making suggestions to patients; Indians and Pakistanis are being urged to lessen carbohydrate-rich breads, and patients of Moroccan backgrounds are encouraged to eat fewer honey-covered sweets. Besides changes in diet, Franch also notes that the concept of disease varies among cultures. If they aren’t in pain they don’t think they are unwell, but the consequences of diabetes on health occur in the mid- to long-term”, Franch notes.

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Homeless man Beaten Up For Drinking Beer During Ramadan

Serge, a forty-year old homeless man was nearly killed after being beaten up by a Muslim father and son in Brussels, because he had been drinking beer in public during Ramadan. Serge was beaten with an iron bar with nails while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. He opened a can of beer to pass the time while waiting, when a man who lives above the clinic came down and objected to the imbibing of alcohol in public during the holy month. After an escalation, the Muslim man and his son began attacking Serge, during which about 2 liters of blood had been lost. The son has been arrested for the violent attack.

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Muslim Man Requests Crucifix Removal at Catholic Clinic

A Muslim man has successfully requested the removal of a crucifix from the room where his daughter was being cared for in a Catholic clinic in Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère). The director of the Saint-Vincent de Paul Clinic, Marie-Thérèse Besson, staed “When people choose to be cared for in our establishment . . . they know they’re in a catholic care space.” The case will be further discussed at the next ethics committee meeting of the Alliance des maternités catholiques (Alliance of Catholic Caregivers).

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