Spanish Jihadist returning from Syria arrested in Spain

30 April 2014


Spanish authorities have arrested a French-Algerian man suspected of participating in terrorist activity in Syria.

Spain’s Interior Ministry says Abdelmalek Tanem was detained in the southeastern region of Almeria on Wednesday.

Tanem was helping Europeans enter Syria to join extremist groups and fight the Syrian government.

Tanem was a member of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from October 2013 to January 2014, according to the Interior Ministry.

The ministry said in a statement that the 24-year-old Tanem is accused of participating in unspecified terrorist activity in Syria with radical groups operating there and also worked on Syria’s border with Turkey to help European would-be extremists get into Syria.

Born in May 1989 in Vitry-Sur-Seine, France, Abdelmalek Tanem, recently returned from Syria.

The arrest is the second Spain has made of an alleged extremist arriving in the country from Syria.

French authorities assisted Spain’s Civil Guard with the investigation. The statement says Tanem holds Algerian citizenship.

Is there complicity between the government of Melilla and the members of Takfir-wal-hijra?

January 12, 2014


The President of the political party, Populars in Freedom, Ignacio Velazquez, declared that he has requested the Civil Guard to investigate whether there is any complicity between the government of the City and the Jihadi group, Takfir Wal Hijra. According to him, some services and municipal works in the Canada de Hidum area are controlled by so-called “bearded” men. Members of this group seem also to be the beneficiaries of government funds.


NorteAfrica (In Spanish):

Spain reinforces its cooperation with France to fight against Jihad

The Directors of the National Police and the Civil Guard, Ignacio Cosidó and Arsenio Fernandez de Mesa , respectively, attended in Paris the III Strategic Franco-Spanish Security Committee. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this committee controls different Security Forces in Spain and France in order to coordinate and plan joint action by the services of the two countries in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.
In connection with international terrorism, the importance of combating the radical jihadist phenomenon, particularly in the Sahel was highlighted. It has agreed to establish a flow of information between research teams from both countries to track this problem in an optimal way via the Internet.

A Saudi citizen is detained in Valencia for supposed links to al-Qaeda

According to the Civil Guard sources within the al-Qaeda organization the Saudi citizen detained in Valencia is known as the librarian of Al Qaeda. The Civil Guard believes that he ran from Valencia one of the best-known jihadist forums dedicated to indoctrination and recruitment of terrorists. According to the Ministry of Interior the prisoner has provided jihadists with transport and eventual trips to Afghanistan although for now it is not known how many people have made these trips.
The initials of the arrested are M.H.A. Born in Amman and of Saudi nationality, he was being tracked since February 2011by the Central External Unit of the Spanish Civil Guard.
The Civil Guard sources say that the Valencia detainee worked directly for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The pattern is repeated: Married to a Spanish woman with whom he had a daughter, living in Spain, dedicated fully to his terrorist activities (8 to 15 hours a day), and known in police circles for acting as a leader in scenarios such as mosques and other places that were used as jihadist schools. The operation remains open and more than 100 Civil Guard officers have participated in the investigations.