The Mayor of Badalona forbids Muslims to pray in the street

19 July 2012
The Mayor of Badalona, Xavier García Albiol reminded today the Muslim community in the neighborhoods of Artigas and Sant Roc, before the first morning of Ramadan, that they may not use the street to pray. Albiol said in a statement that the Muslim community “should have found a solution to stop praying in the Camarón de la Isla square, in the neighborhood of Sant Roc. Already since eight months ago that the City Hall is asking them to seek alternative places to stop praying on public roads. ” The mayor said that “the situation can not be extended beyond this. Those responsible for the Islamic center of Pau Cami knew they needed to look for a place to pray before the spring, but have not done so.” In this situation, the municipal government announced that it has offered the Muslim community in the neighborhoods of Sant Roc Artigas the courtyard of the former secondary school Badalona 9 to carry out their prayers.

The lack of teachers blocks Islamic religion classes in the schools of Álava

14 June 2012

Álava has yet to achieve the formation of an Islamic religion class even though there is an increasing demand from prospective students. Schools in the region do not have teachers for this course, a question that the Islamic community blames the Basque Government for, since they have high requisites for the admission of new teachers.

The Union of Islamic Communities of the Basque Country, calls for more flexible requirements. They explain that the implementation of Muslims in Euskadi/Basque Country is a “relatively recent” phenomenon so there are people who have not yet a recognized qualification in Teaching. As a result, and despite the significant increase in demand from families who want their children to learn the Koran in school, “the whole process is stopped.”

In view of the complexity that is taking place to incorporate this subject into formal education, the consulate of Morocco has organized extra Koran classes in some cultural centers  with the assistance of the City Hall authorities.

Judge rules in favor of the Lleida City Hall in the closing of the In Hazm Mosque

08 June 2012

The contentious administrative Court of Lleida declared as final the decision taken by the City Hall of Lleida in the summer of 2010 to temporarily close the Mosque In Hazm, for exceeding the permitted capacity and endanger the safety of the faithful followers.

The police agents had estimated that the number of people attending the Mosque was always over the maximum capacity, therefore placing the believers in danger. The temporary decision of the Leida authorities to close the Mosque based on the police investigation was now ruled as definite by the Court. The Muslim Representatives presented no appeal to the closing of their local of praying.

Residents of San Francisco accuse the City Hall of Bilbao of having “double standards” when issuing construction permits for religious buildings

11 May 12
In Bilbao, in the neighborhood of San Francisco, a citizens’ social group, designated the 48003 movement, is considering to organize demonstrations “against the building of a mosque in the Conception street,” “since the City does not defend our interests or the law ‘, the movement claims against the City Hall administration. They feel “discriminated” by the cabinet of Inaki Azkuna, which they say it, has applied a “double standard” by stopping the edification of the Basurto mosque where as at the same time has authorized the construction of the mosque in Conception street.

Azkuna adverts that opening Praying Centers without a permit could damage the coexistence

08 May 2012
The mayor of Bilbao, Inaki Azkuna has adverted the Basque Government that the Law of the Praying Centers (allows religious groups under the number of 300 people to be able to edify their own Praying Center without the City Hall permission) will generate more security and integration problems. Also Javier Maroto, Vice-President of the Eudel (Basque City Halls Association) has affirmed that his organization will not keep quiet in front of a norm that will allow “mosques to be open like mushrooms”.

Ray Kelly Resignation Called For By Muslims Angered By Anti-Islam Movie

NEW YORK — Muslim groups are calling for New York’s police commissioner to step down because of his appearance in a film they say puts their religion and its adherents in a bad light.

About 20 activists held a news conference on the steps of City Hall on Thursday and criticized Ray Kelly for giving an interview to the producers of the movie “The Third Jihad.”

The movie uses dramatic footage to warn against the dangers of radical Islam and shariah, or Islamic law. Muslim groups say it encourages Americans to be suspicious of all Muslims.

“Terrorism is an evil that must be eliminated, but one cannot fight wrong with wrong,” said Talib Abdur-Rashid, a Muslim cleric.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday he stood by Kelly and the commissioner’s spokesman, Paul Browne. Activists had also demanded Browne’s resignation.

However, the mayor said Kelly would have to redouble his outreach efforts to Muslims.

“Anything like this doesn’t help credibility, so Ray’s got to work at establishing, re-establishing or reinforcing the credibility that he does have,” Bloomberg said.

Protesters to NYPD: ‘We are unapologetically Muslim and uncompromisingly American’

NEW YORK — Hundreds of Muslims prayed in a lower Manhattan park and marched to New York Police headquarters Friday to protest a decade of police infiltrating mosques and spying on Muslim neighborhoods.

Bundled in winter clothes, men and women knelt as the call to prayer echoed off the cold stone of government buildings.

“Being Muslim does not negate our nationality,” Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid told the crowd of about 500 gathered in Foley Square, not far from City Hall and local courthouses. “We are unapologetically Muslim and uncompromisingly American.”

Mayor of Paris to share end of Ramadan feast at City Hall

News Agencies – August 24, 2011


The mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, will host a Ramadan-inspired musical event which has created controversy among secular and far-right critics. The mayor has responded that the city has organized this event every year since 2001 and that there will be no prayers or religious tones to the event.

Mosques at the centre of local election campaign in Vitoria

The future Zaramaga neighbourhood mosque in the city of Vitoria has become one of the hot spots of the campaign in that city. The Popular Party has amplified complaints by some neighbours that question the construction permit granted by the City Hall. Now, the Muslim community, which had been working on the project for months with no one expressing its rejection, has to face increasing hostility from some residents, who have even called for a public demonstration.