Associates of Christmas Day terrorist arrested

Ten suspects thought to be connected to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab were arrested in Malaysia. The suspects, from Nigeria, Malaysia, Syria, Jordan, and Yemen. They were detained while attending a religious meeting, and are confirmed to belong to a terrorist organization.

Bin Laden claims work of Abdulmutallab

An audio tape allegedly created by Osama bin Laden says he came up with the idea for the Christmas Day attack by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

In the tape he claims the attack was meant to reiterate earlier messages he has sent to the US, such as those delivered on 9/11, and that attacks will continue as long as America continues to support Israel.

US officials and researchers say the claim lacks hard evidence, and that big Laden is just trying to appear relevant. Still, he does have a history of connections to al-Qaida in Yemen, where Abdulmutallab was allegedly trained for the attack.

Details of Abdulmutallab’s arrest released

Details of what happened on the Abdulmutallab flight as well as his interrogation and hospitalization have been released.

Because FBI investigators circumvented the delivery of Abdulmutallab’s Miranda rights by employing a law loophole, they extracted valuable information about his connections, his intentions and whether other operatives had targeted additional flights in or into the US.

After his rights were read, he fell silent.

Abdulmutallab may have met with al-Awlaki, radical American-Yemeni cleric implicated in Hasan case

In the weeks leading up to the Christmas Day attack, Yemen has stated in its fullest disclosure of contact between al-Qaida and Abdulmutallab that he trained with al-Qaida operatives in lawless mountainous regions, and may have met with Anwar al-Awlaki, radical American-Yemeni cleric associated with Major Hasan.

The government also claims he received the explosives for the attack in Nigeria.