Turin, president of Coptic Christians attacked by a group of Muslims

Turin, July 19 – Sherif Azer, president of the Christian Copts in Italy, who is Egyptian but a resident of Turin for 54 years, was attacked yesterday in his building by a group of a dozen North African, Moroccan and Egyptians armed with chains. “Why do you not celebrate Ramadan?” asked the two Moroccans – as reported by the victim to Digos, who filed the complaint. The men stopped Azer outside of his association’s building in Corso Giulio Cesare, Porta Palazzo, “I love Italy” the victim said and elobrated that he is a Christian.

At that point the two have left and came back with other people, about ten, all Egyptian. The group insulted the victim after accusing him of not being a Muslim, and then beat him, using a chain. Sherif was struck in the head and sent to the Giovanni Bosco hospital in Turin. Sherif should be fine is about ten days as the wounds are slight. Sherif filed a complaint this morning.

Dutch Muslim Groups Offer Protection for Threatened Churches

Following the mention of three Coptic churches – located in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam- on a website considered to have links to Al Qaida, Muslim organizations in the Netherlands have denounced the threat. The Dutch Muslim Council, the Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands and the Federation of Islamic Organizations have offered protection to the churches in a statement in the Telegraaf. “It is up to us to do so because Al-Qaeda is claiming to act in the name of Islam. Christian Copts, us (Muslims), and all Dutch have the same enemy: the terrorists,” the statement said. “We can’t sleep at the idea that Christian Copts may be attacked here, in the Netherlands.”