Easter At The Mosque: Sacramento Muslims Lend Space To Churchless Christian Congregation

Hundreds of worshippers in Sacramento, Calif., were able to celebrate Easter together this Sunday thanks to a local Muslim organization that let the Christians hold services in their mosque, the /Sacramento Bee/ reports.

For the past 12 years, members of the Spiritual Life Center of Sacramento had rented out space at the Pioneer Christian Church, according to the paper. But when their lease expired on March 31, the 500-member church was left with little time to find somewhere else to hold their Easter Sunday service, which is traditionally the best-attended of the year.

Reverend Michael Moran told reporters he had tried desperately to find a temporary meeting space before the solution came to him in a dream.

“We were desperately looking for a place to hold our Easter services. I had a dream and in the dream I saw a newspaper headline that read, ‘Easter at the Mosque’,” Moran told KXTV. “But when I awoke, I said that will never happen.”

MP: Avoid “Mosque vs. Christian Church” Competition


Monika Grütters, a CDU-member of the German Parliament, called Muslims in Germany to consider the social climate more strongly and respect the feelings of the majority, rather than encouraging a competition between mosques and Christian churches. Following Grütters, this is especially important in light of the problems Christian communities currently have to deal with – such as an increasing secularising trend. To foster good relations amongst the different faith communities, competitive attitudes have to be discarded.


Central Council of Jews in Germany Calls for more Tolerance towards Muslims


The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann, called for more religious tolerance towards Islam in Germany. Graumann argued it was wrong to treat all Muslims as members of a suspect community, as the large majority was living peacefully with people of different faiths. According to Graumann, the idea of a Christian Church as the centre of a local community had to be adjusted to the current situation – the centre of a local community may very well be a mosque.

Mike Huckabee Infuriated By Christian Church Allowing Muslims To Pray There

Devout Christian Mike Huckabee is having a hard time understanding the concept of charity. The former Arkansas governor and potential 2012 hopeful visited Fox and Friends to discuss a small church that had allowed Muslims to worship when mosques in the area proved too small or were under construction, something he considered shocking and the beginning of a slippery slope: “Should the church be rented out to show adult movies on the weekend?”