Muslim Feminism: A Seminar on Saturday May 4, 2013

At 2:30pm on Friday and 9:30am on Saturday May 3rd and 4th, the Life non-profit organization, the Department of Political and gender culture, the Association of plural femininism and CGIL Ravenna will support a seminar on “the Feminist Muslim” in the Muratori Classense library.

The seminar aims to analyze the main paradigms of thought focusing primarily on the Mediterranean. The seminar will host scholars and activists, to understand their common foundations, and current influences on the law reform, social processes and political acts in the Maghreb.

The program will last two days: Friday, May 3 at 2:30 will include greetings and a day-long workshop by Joan Piaia, Councilor for culture and gender; Marisa Iannucci, president of Life non-profit organization Serena Simoni, CEO of the Association of plural femininism.

The first session “Feminist Muslims” will be moderated by Maria Paola Patuelli, papers will include Marisa Iannucci on “The Gender Jihad: History, texts and interpretations of Islamic feminism,” Aysha Al Hajjami on “The Koran and Women: the exegesis of the feminine sacred text. From revelation to the law,” Abdennur Prado on “The patriarchal construction in the history of Islam and the role of men in Islamic feminism. The Spanish case” and finally, Latifa Bouhsini will discuss “The evolution of the theses of the feminist movement in the defense of reform of the Code of Personal Status in Morocco. ” Discussion will follow the sessions. .

Saturday, May 4 starting at 9:30, there will be a second session entitled “Feminisms in comparison.” The session will be moderated by Marisa Iannucci. Discussion and closing will follow.

Al Jazeera to launch French language channel



The Qatar based TV news channel Al Jazeera has recently announced the launch of a French news channel based in the United Kingdom. Al Jazeera French aims to build a bridge to the cultures and people of Europe, Africa and North America, according to the networks CEO Sheikh Ahmed Ben Jassem Al-Thani.

The French news channel follows Al Jazeera’s attempts to provincialise its network by opening branches in the Balkan region, Turkey, the US and in the near future the United Kingdom as well. The Qatari channel aims to expand as a media network that addresses different cultures in a number of languages. Localized media should help to attract larger audiences around the globe and aid to diversify Al Jazeera’s media profile. The Al Jazeera network was launched in 1996 as a pan-Arabic satellite station before opening its English branch, Al Jazeera English, in 2006 and is financed by the Emir of Qatar.

Sen. Joe Lieberman Wants Google To Let Users Flag ‘Terrorist Content’

Joe Lieberman has always been a great pioneer for internet freedom. Last year, he suggested that the United States should implement an internet kill switch in the event of a cyberattack by taking its cues from China. Now Lieberman is calling for the world’s most popular search engine to censor material that could potentially be used to spread terrorist information.

Lieberman sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page asking the company to implement a system where users can report websites harboring terrorism and Google will remove them from their Blogger platform. Lieberman brought up the case of Jose Pimentel, who was recently arrested in New York for attempting to make a pipe bomb, and used the internet to do it! Lieberman gave Google some praise for banning any terrorist content from YouTube and allowing users to flag videos, but insisted they do more and implement a similar system on their search platform.

Canadian Muslim Leaders Condemn Domestic Violence

Toronto Star – December 1, 2011
Islam does not condone domestic violence. The Qur’an does not sanction the idea of honour killings. This is the loud and clear message from almost 60 prominent Muslim organizations, dozens of community leaders and activists from all over Canada, and a sermon that will be delivered from mosque pulpits next Friday even as the high-profile Shafia trial continues in Kingston.
“This is a call to action within the Muslim community,” said Samira Kanji, CEO of Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto. “We want to make sure that no one can cite Islam as validation over horrific crimes or rights over anyone else.” It’s the first time since the London bombings in July 2005 that this many community leaders and organizations have come together in Canada to issue a statement and tackle a problem head-on.
Domestic violence is a huge problem everywhere and the Muslim community has its share, she said. “But it’s important to tell people that Islam doesn’t sanction it.”

Muslims prefer Ramadan in France

News Agencies – August 9, 2010

According to recent news reports, more and more Muslims in France prefer to celebrate Ramadan in France, rather than in North Africa, moving their vacation dates so they would return to France by the fasting month, August 10th.

Meziane Idjerouidene, CEO of the Aigle Azur airlines, says that this summer the waves of people going back started in early June, while normally it’s 23-25 of June and the peak of returns was between August 8 and 10, the beginning of the 9th month of the Muslim calendar. Last year Ramadan (August 22) also caused a shift in the dates of return, but it was less pronounced. The company transports 1.7 million travelers a year, 50% of them to the Maghreb. The Société nationale maritime Corse Méditerranée (SNCM) shipping company, which serves Tunisia and Algeria, say the same. They recorded many returns on 7-8 of August, while usually there are none at all. It appears many people return due to climatic and social control factors.

Aga khan becomes honorary canadian

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has conferred honorary Canadian citizenship on the Aga Khan, making the billionaire spiritual leader to 15 million Ismaili Muslim followers worldwide only the fifth person to be so honored. Aga Khan lives in France.

The Prime Minister and the Aga Khan met  for a foundation ceremony for a cultural centre, museum and park to built on the site by 2013. The Aga Khan expressed his hope that the cultural edifice, particularly the collection of artifacts from Islamic history, would serve as a beacon for his sect’s moderate take on Islam and its “search for knowledge and beauty.” Ismaili Muslim Canadians include Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed and Senator Mobina Jaffer.

Aga Khan Lays Foundation for Major Ismaili Centre in Toronto

The Aga Khan, role model for Canada’s 100,000 Ismailis, is in Toronto to lay the foundation for an Islamic museum and cultural centre. The construction on Canadian soil of the largest Islamic museum in the English-speaking world marks a significant milestone for a community that arrived in Canada 38 years ago. In the last four decades, Ismailis have emerged as a remarkable success story. Their integration is seen as one of the reasons the Aga Khan promotes Canadian-style pluralism as a model for the world. In a short time, Ismailis have become leading figures in politics, business and the professions, with prominent people including Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed and Senator Mobina Jaffer.

The museum is scheduled to open in 2013 near Don Mills Rd. and Eglinton Ave.

Tarek Fatah calls NDP leader Jack Layton’s comments about Islam into question

Tarek Fatah claims that New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton’s Eid greetings are reflective of “politicians tripping over one other to prove their credentials as lovers of Islam and all things Muslim.” Fatah adds, “As if to ensure his credibility and authenticity as the true pro-Islam politician in Canada, Layton invokes the names of some Muslim Canadians and his solidarity with them. No, he does not mention the CEO of Rogers or the Secretary-Treasurer of the CLC nor does he mention any of the Muslim Senators or MPs; trade unionists or physicians; janitors or economists. He assumes we Muslims do nothing other than pray and preach. That all of us are all linked up in varying degrees to religiosity and Islamic organizations ranging from the Taliban and Al-Qaeda to the local chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

US Muslim charity leaders get 65 years in jail for Hamas support

Two former leaders of the Texas-based Holy Land foundation were sentenced to 65 years in jail for supporting Palestinian militants. Jurors returned guilty verdicts on 108 charges of providing material support to terrorists, money laundering, and tax fraud. “These sentences should serve as a strong warning to anyone who knowingly provides financial support to terrorists under the guise of humanitarian relief,” said David Kris, assistant US attorney general for national security. Holy Land CEO Shukri Abu Baker and chairman and co-founder Ghassan Elashi, were both sentenced to 65 years in jail. Holy Land cofounder Mohammad El-Mezain, and Abdulrahman Odeh, the charity’s New Jersey representative, both received lesser sentences of 15 years. The Justice Department vowed in October 2007 to retry the five Holy Land leaders after jurors could not agree on verdicts on nearly 200 charges, and a new jury was seated in mid-September. Holy Land was one of several Muslim organizations the Bush administration shut down in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks for allegedly raising money for Islamic extremists overseas. Muslim charities that remained open suffered significant drops I contributions because of fears of prosecution.

American Muslim Chamber of Commerce established in Washington, DC

The American Muslim Chamber of Commerce (AMCC) was recently established by a committed group of American Muslim business professionals and individuals in response to the pressing need to create an organization that would respond to the growing needs of the American Muslim business community. The AMCC will become a vehicle that serves as a voice before government entities, providing strong advocacy for services and develops policies that will stimulate economic growth through business development in the Muslim American community. Washington DC resident Khalid Ahmed has been selected as the President and CEO of the AMCC, and currently serves as the managing director of US Reconstruction and Development Corporation.