German ZMD statement concerned with the war in Palestine

July 17, 2014

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD) issued a statement concerned with the continued bloodshed in the Holy Land. It called upon the European Union as well as the United Nations to undertake their utmost to cease the extrajudicial killing and collective punishment of the Palestinian civil population taking place in Gaza. Likewise the ZMD utterly condemned the kidnapping and killing of four innocent teens (3 Israeli and 1 Palestinian). Finally, the statement called upon all Abrahamic communities in Germany and Europe to distance themselves explicitly from any forms of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism as well as appealed to the media to give an unbiased and unprejudiced account of the conflict.



5 years after El-Sherbini’s murder: Anti-Muslim Racism and Islamophobia in Germany

July 2, 2014

Jürgen Martens (Minister of Justice) and Helma Orosz (Mayor of the city of Dresden) remembered the quinquennial of the murder of Marwa El-Sherbini; who was tragically killed by a White racist in 2009. Martens said that the terrible act should be a reminder to all of us to work against the presence of xenophobia. Aiman A. Mazyek, Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, criticized the lack of awareness and sensibility in regard to issues of racism and xenophobia.

Halal Food in Germany

June 25, 2014

According to the Central Council of Muslims in Germany the German food industry should make halal food more accessible. Particularly with regard to the month of Ramadan Hamza Wördemann, board member of the Central Council of Muslims, suggested a uniform labeling of Islam-compliant products.

Anti-Muslim Racism in Germany

June 27, 2014

Marking the 5th anniversary of the murder of Marwa El-Sherbini, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany declared 1st July 2014 as the nationwide “Day against Anti-Muslim Racism”. Aiman A. Mazyek, Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, will participate at the commemoration ceremony of the murdered Muslim woman Marwa El-Sherbini on the upcoming 1st July.

Muslim associations call Muslims to participate in European elections

May 20

Aiman A. Mazyek, chair of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany underlined the importance of the European elections for Muslims all over Europe. A high voting number would be the best answer against emerging nationalism, racism and hostility towards Islam in Europe.

The central council of Muslims advices Muslims to call parties that support the respect for human rights. According to Mazyek, Muslims would be pro-European and stand for a democratic and united Europe. The economic crisis and the wars in Ukraine and the Arab world would create distrust among the citizens. The social gap between rich and poor would be increasing. Muslims have been serving as scapegoats for all these problems, so Mazyek. Right-wing extremist parties adapt anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic ideas to benefit and gather support. Mazyek described them as the real anti-Europeans with no interest in the European integration and a stable European parliament.