Nicolas Sarkozy Scheduled to Visit Vandalized Military Cemetery

French president Nicolas Sarkozy is scheduled to visit the vandalized Muslim tombs in the military cemetery at Notre-Dame-de-Lorette in the Pas-de-Calais on April 24th. The visit will coincide with the 90th anniversary commemoration of the end of the First World War, and was announced following Sarkozy’s meeting with a delegation from the Muslim community organized Dalil Boubakeur, president of the Conseil fran_ais du culte musulman (CFCM or the French Council of the Muslim Faith).

Muslims will have their own enclosure in the municipal Cemetery

Muslims will have their own enclosure, and be allowed to be buried according to their own religious funerary rites. Over the summer, the Islamic community of albacete_a launched discussions with the city council of Albacete to think about the possibility of such a plan, and find a suitable place; Muslims will now have their own cemetery within the cemetery albacete_o. Muslim burial rites include the washing of the body, covering it with a single plain cloth, and burying the body to face Mecca.

The new municipal cemetery of Alicante will have a Muslim sector

An agreement between the city administration and the Islamic Community of Alicante as attributed a sector of the local cemetery to the Muslim population. The creation of the new sector is inserted in the General Plan of Urban Ordination and will respect part of the particular rituals of a Muslim burial.

Islam, the American way

In Pittburgh, a Turkish group, pious but peaceful, decides to rethink its plans for an Islamic centre after an angry public hearing. In Clitheroe, a town in northern England, a plan to turn an ex-church into a mosque wins planning approval after seven failed bids. In Austria a far-rightist, J_rg Haider, grabs headlines by proposing that no mosques or minarets should be built in the province of Carinthia, where he is governor. In Memphis, Tennessee, Muslims manage to build a large cemetery despite local objections to their burial customs. On the face of it, there is something similar about all these vignettes of inter-faith politics in the Western world. They all illustrate the strong emotions, and opportunistic electoral games, that are surfacing in many countries as Muslim minorities, increasingly prosperous and confident, aspire to build more mosques and other communal buildings.

Cemetery plans opposed

Plans to create a 31-acre Muslim cemetery on land surrounding the conservation village of Carmunnock in Scotland have been opposed by locals. Villagers have launched a campaign to stop green belt land around the area being used for the new cemetery. Glasgow Central Mosque insists the new site would be kept as a green area with just one or two funerals a week. {Article continues [here.}->

Denmark: Planned Graveyard Desecrated

An uncertain future looms for a Muslim cemetery which has been dogged by vandalism. The first Muslim cemetery in Denmark has already been struck by several incidents of vandalism – before it has even been opened. The cemetery plot in Br_ndby, southwest of Copenhagen, has had swastikas painted on it. Similar vandalism has also taken place at the Islamic religious community centre in Copenhagen. The planned cemetery has already had its first test grave dug and the Islamic Burial Foundation is searching for a gardener to care for the property. ‘This is a very, very bad start,’ said Kasem Ahmad, chairman of the foundation, to daily newspaper Politiken. ‘I am losing faith that this project will ever be realised.’ Ahmed said a car has also been seen on several occasions driving recklessly across the field and that rumours have been circulating that it is being used to race on. The vandalism has cast an uncertain future over the cemetery, according to Ahmet Deniz, deputy chairman of the foundation. He said the cemetery would not be put into use until the foundation could be certain that the vandalism would be stopped. ‘It must be very intolerant people who can’t accommodate anyone other than themselves. They aren’t thinking about the fact that they are ruining their own land and the opportunity to live in a country with different types of people,’ said Deniz. The Islamic Burial Foundation has only contacted the police on one occasion. Members of the foundation are now trying to find the funds to hire a security crew to monitor the location. Bertel Haarder, minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs approved the request to establish the cemetery in April 2006.

More Moroccans Arrested In Spain; Jewish center may have been a target

MADRID Terrorists believed to be responsible for the Madrid train bombings last month were targeting a Jewish community center and cemetery outside of Madrid for a possible future attack, a senior Spanish investigator said on Tuesday. A map showing the two sites was discovered in the ruins of an apartment destroyed 10 days ago when at least six of the alleged bombers blew themselves up to avoid capture by the police, the official added.