Registration for Islamic school in Calgary, Canada draws long line-up

CBC News – January 28, 2011

About a hundred parents waited in line outside the Calgary Islamic School for a chance to enroll their children. The private school — which teaches kindergarten to Grade 11 — has room for about 20 new students next year, officials said.

But since it’s the only school of its kind in Calgary, which has a Muslim population of about 60,000 people, parents line up outside in the cold for a chance to register every year, said principal Moussa Ouarou. He added that the waiting list already has 300 names on it.

The school, which is located at 26th Street and 37 Avenue N.E., teaches the regular provincial curriculum in addition to Arabic language courses, Islamic studies and Qur’an recitation and memorization.

CBC Journalist Chronicles His Hajj Experience

The Star – November 8, 2010

Canadian Broadcast Corporation journalist Muhammad Lila is chronicling his trip on this website to the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. The website includes daily updates, and dialogues with Canadians at the heart of Mecca’s modern transformation.

Canadian Omar Khadr faces military tribunal

Canadian Omar Khadr, the last westerner left in Guantanamo Bay, will face trial by military tribunal unlike the high-profile 9/11 plotters who will be brought to New York for trial in a civilian courts where they have far greater rights and protections, US officials announced. Khadr’s lawyer Barry Coburn, accused the administration of resorting to Bush-era injustice.

Some other terrorist suspects, including Khadr, who is accused of killed a US medic during a firefight in Afghanistan when he was only 15 in 2002, will be tried in military tribunals – the special courts created by the Bush administration and widely discredited because they admitted evidence that would be outlawed in civilian or normal military courts. However the White House admits the prison camp on a leased naval base in Cuba won’t be closed by the year’s deadline in January. It remains unknown whether the military tribunals will be held at Guantanamo or elsewhere.

Note: some details of this summary were derived from a 2008 CBC News article.

Probe into Maher Arar Torture Case Closed

Canadian federal police (the RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police), has closed its investigation into the source of the damaging leaks to the media about Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen deported to Syria by U.S. officials because of false allegations of terrorism. This statement marks the end of a five-year criminal investigation to examine how inaccurate information claiming Arar was an Islamic extremist was leaked by government sources to the media. The source of the leak could not be determined. In 2007, Arar received $10.5 million CAD in compensation from the Canadian government. The U.S. government has not apologized and keeps his name on a security watch list.

In an interview with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), former RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli stated that in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, the Bush administration “threw out the rule book” when it came to cooperating with its allies.

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