Moroccan Imams get together in Terrassa before the Ramadan

09 July 2013


A number of imams coming from Morocco landed at El Prat airport on Monday night to lead the prayers of the Catalan Islamic community during Ramadan. They were presented at the Grand Mosque in Terrassa, the largest in the country.

The presence of foreign Imams is normal for this time of the Islamic calendar and through them the 300.000 Muslims of Catalonia have the opportunity to discover the reality of other countries.

The National Intelligence Center (CNI) orders the expulsion of a Muslim leader

12 May 2013

The National Intelligence Center (CNI) has ordered the expulsion from Spain of the Moroccan and Muslim leader Noureddin Ziani for threat on national security. Ziani is, according to Al Pais, helping the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC) in their appeal to the independence of the numerous Islamic communities of Catalonia”. The director of CNI-General Felix Sanz Roldan stated in the order of expulsion that Ziani is “a very important collaborator of a foreign intelligence service since 2000, ” in a clear reference to the General Directorate for Research and Documentation (DGED) of Morocco.Ziani, born in Oujda, has been living for the last 14 years in Barcelona, where he presides the Union of Islamic Cultural Centers in Catalonia (UCCIC), a Muslim partnership who teaches Arabic and distributes aid to families, especially in Ramadan (month of Islamic fasting).

New website of the UCIDE (Union of Islamic Communities of Spain)

The UCIDE (Union of Islamic Communities of Spain) has a new website covering news, articles, researches, activities in both Spanish and Arabic language. Videos, such of the last Islamic Congress of Catalonia are available on the site.


The communities included in the Union are:

  • Castilla La mancha
  • Catalonia
  • Ceuta
  • Extremadura
  • Murcia
  • Pais Vasco
  • Rioja
  • Valencia



Demographic, Immigration and Integration studies; Revista Islam (Islamic Magazine), news and books.



The website is completed with videos and photo galleries of the most important Islamic events in Spain.



In an official communicate from the Institution they declare to represent 18 federations that at the same time are a part of the Islamic Spanish Commission by so including 60% of the Islamic religious communities.



The principles are centered in independence of external interferences; coherence and compromise with the Spanish Law and Constitution; representation of all Muslims even the ones not belonging to the UCIDE.


Catalonia: First Region in terms of Mosques

Catalonia is the region with more mosques in Spain, according to the Observatory of Religious Pluralism in Spain, under the Ministry of Justice. The Principality has 242 mosques in comparison with other communities like Andalucia (180) or Madrid (106). Overall, there are 1,200 mosques officially registered in Spain.

Of the 242 Muslim places of worship in Catalonia: 146 are in the province of Barcelona, 40 in the province of Girona, 28 in Lleida and 28 in Tarragona. Barcelona is the city with the more Mosques (24), but other smaller municipalities of the province also have more than one: Santa Coloma de Gramenet (8), Terrassa (7), Sabadell (5), Badalona (4) and Martorell (4).


*The news here present were already mentioned in July of 2012 but they surfaced again in the lst week of December; here there are images of the Mosques concentration in the region:


*In the link bellow there is a list of the existent Mosques in the region:


IX Islamic Congress of Catalonia


The Islamic Union of Spanish Islamic Communities of Spain and the Islamic Union of Catalonian Communities will organize the IX Islamic Congress of Catalonia. During the days 14,15 and 16 of December 2012, will participate in the event distinct figures to deal with the theme of the congress: The religion: volunteer work and social action.

Catalonia Mosque Construction in Progress



The construction of the  Mosque in Torroella de Montrgi (Catalonia) has resumed after  interruption of the works due to its “Arabic” esthetics. The local government demanded in September of last year the alteration of the structure to make it more in tune with the local urban landscape.

After reducing the number of arches and ornaments,  the Mosque project has been  approved.

The Mosque will serve 430 believers and its located in the industrial perimeter; there is no official information when the project will be finished.

The original rejected design(1), the accepted alternative design(2), and the current state of the building(3):

A Muslim party will candidate to Parlament Elections

14 August 2012

The Catalunya Òmnium-Muslim[1] party formed in late 2011 – will be presented at the forthcoming elections to the Parliament, which will be held in 2014 – in order to bring together the votes of Muslim immigrants living in Catalunya.
The president of the far-right formation Plataforma per Catalunya (PXC), Josep Anglada, regretted this and has claimed that “is a further step in the Islamist strategy of penetration in the institutions and accumulation of political power.”

Gasmi Slaheddine, president of the Muslim League of the Swiss canton of Ticcino was also there.The speaker of the party is Rachid El Attabi, owner of an halal butchery in Catalonia.


[1] Political party (the name means Catalonia for all) constituted in 2011 aiming to protect the Islamic rights; and congregating all Muslims living in the area, namely the Moroccan and the Pakistani community.

3.000 euros fine for 4 councilors of the Plataforma per Catalonia after attending a soccer match wearing a burka

20 June 2012

The Department of Interior has fined 4 councilors and 19 supporters of Plataforma per Catalonia (PxC) with 3,000 euros each, for going to a match of FC Barcelona and L’Hospitalet in burqas. The incident occurred during a match of the Copa del Rey on November 9, 2011 when a group of people appeared in the area of L’Hospitalet wearing burkas and a banner reading ‘First the home ones’.
PxC leader whose hallmark is the radical fight against illegal immigration, has insisted that the protest is directed specifically to criticize the sponsorship of ‘Qatar Foundation’ to the soccer team FC Barcelona.

Catalonia will receive the II Iberian-American Interreligious Summit

21 June 2012
Starting on Monday, the 25th of June, Barcelona hosts the II Iberian-American Interreligious Summit.
Among others, the program will address issues such as freedom and human rights, brotherhood and solidarity, dialogue and coexistence, inclusion and equity. The findings aim to provide the XXII Iberian-American Summit with proposals to achieve stable and equitable funding of the states, improving social cohesion and strengthening public safety. Also, this second summit wants to consolidate the Iberian-American Interfaith Network as a forum for exchange between the confessions and to follow up the conclusions and recommendations of the Iberian-American Interreligious Summit.