Muslims ask for Mosque in Conegliano

We ask for help from the city of Conegliano, we would like a mosque”

The Islamic community Conegliano met these days the marabouts Bodian, who made ​​the request to the mayor


“We ask for help to the Municipality of Conegliano, we would like a mosque.” This is the request of the Islamic community that already has access to a room in the city, provided by Caritas, to study the Koran.


If you visit the province of Treviso you will likely come across marabout El Hadji Fansou Bodian, a kind of cardinal who will need to meet with the Mayor Floriano Zambon. On Sunday, as stated in the Tribuna di Treviso, Muslims will gather from all over the Treviso area. It is a harsh attack by Bodian who hides behind religion to commit acts of violence: “He who kills has denounced God, and cannot be part of Islam,” he says.

Vatican Thanks Muslims for Faith Return

Senior Vatican cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran has thanked Muslims for brining religion back into the public life in Europe. “Muslims, having become a significant minority in Europe, were the ones who demanded space for God in society,” said Tauran. Vatican officials have long bemoaned the increasing absence of religion in secular Europe. Tauran echoed calls for inter-faith dialogue citing the rise of Islam being discussed, and Muslims becoming active in public life. “Inter-religious dialogue rallies all who are on the path to God or to the Absolute,” said Tauran.

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Muslims should be free to convert, says cardinal, after death threats

Leading cardinal Angelo Scola called on the Islamic world to allow individual Muslims the freedom to convert to Christianity. The call comes following the death threats posed against Italian journalist Magdi Allam, concerning his conversion from Islam to Catholicism. Scola said that no one, including Muslims could impose the identity of the community to a point where it violates the human freedom of the individual, including the freedom to convert. Cardinal Scola stated that he does not want to see the end of Muslim societies or cultures, but stressed that the prerogative should be the individual, and to ensure that freedom of religion was an inalienable right.

RVW: Le cardinal Tauran nommé pour renforcer le dialogue avec l’islam

By Isabelle De Gaulmyn Le cardinal Jean Louis Tauran, jusqu’alors archiviste et biblioth_caire de la Sainte _glise romaine, prend la t_te du Conseil interreligieux Pour les experts du dialogue avec l’islam _ Rome, la nomination du cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, lundi 25 juin, par Beno_t XVI, _ la t_te du Conseil pontifical pour le dialogue interreligieux est une bonne nouvelle. Non seulement parce qu’elle met fin _ une p_riode de transition, o_ l’existence m_me de ce dicast_re de la Curie romaine, cr?_ en 1988, _tait remise en cause : un des premiers actes de Beno_t XVI avait _t_ en effet de muter en _gypte son pr_sident, Mgr Michael Fitzgerald, en f_vrier 2006, puis, en mars de la m_me ann_e, de regrouper ce Conseil _ _ titre temporaire _ sous l’autorit_ du cardinal Paul Poupard, d_j_ pr_sident du Conseil pour la culture.

RVW Le cardinal Tauran, nouveau président du Conseil pour le dialogue avec l’islam

ROME. Beno_t XVI a nomm_, lundi 25 juin, le cardinal fran_ais Jean-Louis Tauran comme pr_sident du conseil pontifical pour le dialogue interreligieux, sp_cialement charg_ de la relation avec l’islam. Le cardinal Tauran, 64 ans, est un diplomate qui a exerc_ au Liban avant de devenir secr_taire pour les rapports avec les Etats (1990-2003).

Top German Cardinal: Christianity Needs Special Status in Europe

Germany’s highest-ranking cardinal has warned against indifference and uncritical tolerance which he says could lead to Islam enjoying equal standing with Christianity in the country. Cardinal Karl Lehmann, who is head of the German conference of bishops, expressed concern about religious freedom leading to all faiths being treated equally regardless of the size of their flock and their history. Germany’s constitution obliges the state to maintain strict religious neutrality. But Lehmann pointed to Christianity’s role in shaping European history and even its legal culture.

Religious authorities from Lyon against gay marriage

The Archbishop of Lyon, cardinal Philippe Barbarin, and representants of the Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Orthodox and Armenian cults signed a text that asserts the sustainable nature of the marriage: “it is important to have clear ideas about this key-point of reference for humanity. Experiences show that we pay the price for the destruction of nature. We don’t have to destroy humanity anymore, which is at the heart of the creation”. ‘ As for adoption, signatories denouce the lie that remains in the assertment that “it is indifferent for a child to grow up with or without a father or a mother”. ‘ ‘ This document constitutes the first interreligious declaration on this matter.