Canadian Muslim Journalist Kidnapped in Pakistan

Khadija Abdul Qahaar, a Web magazine publisher in British Colombia, along with her translator and guide, were seized at gunpoint while traveling in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan. Ms. Qahaar was known as Beverly Giesbrecht prior to her conversion to Islam, and publishes the website Mark Federman, an expert in media studies at the University of Toronto, said he had not previously heard of But looking at the circumstances of the reported abduction, “my skepticism detectors start flashing on this one,” he said. While Mr. Federman acknowledged the threat of abduction was very real in the region Ms. Qahaar was travelling, he questioned the timing of a website posting calling for money to deter abduction the week prior.

Lisa Monette, spokesperson for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs did not confirm the report, but did say a Canadian was missing in Pakistan. Monette added, “The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the High Commission in Islamabad are working with Pakistani officials right now and they are pursuing all appropriate measures.”

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Hijabs for Life in Canada

CAIRO – Spurred by the ban of hijab-clad girls from taking part in sports competitions, Canadian Muslim Abeer Al-Azzawi is helping her fellow Muslim peers play, work and live with a new hijab fit for everyday life, reported the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday, January 26. “You see stores that cater to all kinds of girls — to rocker girls, girlie girls, sporty girls — but there’s nothing for the hijabi girls,” said Azzawi. “If I can do something to change that, I will.” The 24-year-old engineering grad has established an online company for making hijabs that suit Muslim sports girls.