Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister continues public battle with the Canadian Arab Federation; Muslim Canadian Congress founder responds

Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney claims he is reshaping Canada’s approach to immigration and multiculturalism. Kenney claims: “We want to avoid the kind of ethnic enclaves or parallel communities that exist in some European countries. So far, we’ve been pretty successful at that, but I think it’s going to require greater effort in the future to make sure that we have . . . social cohesion rather than fracturing.” Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress applauds Kenney’s efforts. “He’s standing up for Canadian values. I would like every politician to stand up for this country the way Jason Kenney has.”

Kenney has recently, among other recent controversies, criticized Muslim-led attempts to censor Canadian writers through human rights commissions, and slamming certain groups that would stoke Middle East enmities, leading to accusations in Arab communities, and in some corners of the media, that the Minister has abandoned an unprejudiced approach and made Canada a stooge for the so-called Israel lobby: The CAF called him a “professional whore;” the Toronto Star a “professional fool”.

Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) makes News in So-called Radicalism

According to the National Post, controversy has emerged on its editorial blog as the CAF (Canadian Arab Federation) recently sponsored an essay contest on The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine where it urged high school students to write about Israel’s wrongdoings. The group has recently announced a second controversial event, a July 14 Toronto speaking event entitled The 9/11 Deception Continues. The evening features Bob Bowman, who believes that the U.S. government participated in the 9/11 attacks, and Michael Keefer, a University of Guelph English teacher sympathetic to the same view. The CAF purports to represent both Christian and Muslim Arabs.