Officials are investigating possible additional misconduct by Marines shown urinating in video

WASHINGTON — The Marine Corps is investigating other possible misconduct by members of a battalion who drew worldwide attention when a video surfaced purporting to show them urinating on Afghan corpses, officials said Thursday.
In disclosing that a follow-up probe is under way, Marine spokesman Col. Sean D. Gibson said he could not provide details of the possible misbehavior or say what prompted the decision to widen the probe. He said the follow-up began May 15 and is to be completed by mid-June. It is headed by a Marine colonel.
“There are indications of other possible misconduct involving the unit depicted in the video that requires another investigation,” Gibson said.
The disclosure in January of the video showing four Marines in full combat gear urinating on the bodies of three dead men led to a criminal investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as well as a Marine investigation of the unit involved, the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which fought in the southern Afghan province of Helmand for seven months before returning to its home base at Camp Lejeune, N.C., last September.
No investigation results have been released.

Father of USS Cole victim is allowed to display anti-Islam decal

Jesse Nieto, whose son was killed along with 15 other sailors in the 2000 terrorist attack against the USS Cole, had used to display an anti-Islam decal on his car proclaiming “Islam=Terrorism,” as well as a picture of US flag with the words: “Disgrace My Countries [sic] Flag And I Will [defecate] On Your Quran.” He also displayed a cartoon of the prophet Mohammad as a re-creation of the Danish cartoons that had provoked Muslims. Mr. Nieto is a civilian employee at the Camp Lejeune Marine Base. After seven years of displaying these messages, Mr. Nieto was ordered to remove them. Nieto filed a lawsuit in North Carolina based on his right to freedom of speech. He has now won the case and is allowed to display anti-Islam decals on his car while driving on the base.