Catholics Should Not Marry Muslims

ITALIAN bishops gave warning yesterday against Catholics marrying Muslims, citing cultural differences and fears that children born to mixed marriages would shun Christianity. Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the president of the Italian Bishops Conference, said: In addition to the problems that any couple encounters when forming a family, Catholics and Muslims have to reckon with the difficulties that inevitably arise from deep cultural differences. Cardinal Ruini, one of the right-hand men of Pope Benedict XVI, said that it was often the woman who married a Muslim man and it was she who converted to Islam. In a statement, the bishops said that if an Italian woman married a Muslim immigrant and then settled in his country of origin, her rights were not guaranteed in the way they are in Italy or in other Western nations. In addition the children of mixed marriages tended to be brought up as Muslims and not as Catholics. Such marriages should, therefore, be discouraged. Church officials said that there were 200,000 mixed marriages in Italy, with 20,000 this year alone, an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year. The statement enraged liberal groups, which accused the Roman Catholic Church of interfering in Italian affairs. Emma Bonino, a leader of the Transnational Radical Party, accused the Vatican of seeking to affect the general election, due in April, as politicians from the Right and Left courted the Vatican to gain Catholic votes. She said that the Vatican had taken strong stances on issues such as abortion, same-sex unions, and euthanasia in violation of the 1929 Lateran Treaty between the Vatican and the Italian State. Mara Tognetti Borgogna, a sociologist at Bicocca University, Milan, said of mixed marriages: Each case is different. It depends on the circumstances.The most critical moment usually comes when the children reach adolescence and come into conflict with one parent or both over their life choices. Signora Borgogna said that they could work, but you need a high level of mutual tolerance between two languages, two religions, two ways of looking at the world. On the other hand, the mixed marriages we have now are a kind of social laboratory, because that is the way our society is going.

Immigrazione/Pera: Aveva Ragione Biffi, Far Entrare Solo Cristiani

Cardinal Biffi proposed to make a law only allowing Christians to immigrate to Italy. The President of the Senate, Marcello Pera plans to support it. {(Article continues below in Italian)} Roma, 29 dic. (Apcom) – Il cardinale Biffi, che propose di far entrare in Italia solo immigrati provenienti da paesi di religione cristiana “fu molto lungimirante e bisognerebbe chiedergli scusa per la pigrizia che non ci spinse ad ascoltarlo. Egli segnal_ un problema poi completamente rimosso”. A sostenerlo _ il presidente del Senato, Marcello Pera, in un’intervista concessa a Famiglia Cristiana. Quanto ai rapporti con l’Islam, Pera afferma che “intanto occorre stabilire che non si pu_ predicare la tolleranza senza la reciprocit_. Ci_ deve essere chiaro e detto con fermezza da parte della Chiesa cattolica, perch_ la tolleranza senza reciprocit_ _ una resa. Non auspico barriere contro i musulmani — agguinge — ma una rinascita dell’identit_ forte come ha detto il cardinale Camillo Ruini, perch_ altrimenti la presenza musulmana prima o poi diverr_ un’invasione”.