Californian Muslim cleric welcomes arrest of Al Qaeda operative

On Sunday, Salam Marayati, the head of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angles, California, welcomed the arrest of Adam Gadahn on behalf of his organization. While the reports of the capture of Gadahn, an American turned Al Qaeda operative, have not yet been confirmed by US officials, Mr. Marayati described such arrest as a step towards defeating Al Qaeda and its ideology.

Mr. Marayati’s comments came after the announcement by Pakistani intelligence service that the American-born al Qaeda member, Adam Gadahn, had been arrested in Pakistan. CIA counterterrorism officials are working on the report and have not yet confirmed the identity of the arrested person. Adam Gadahn who converted to Islam in the 90s and had joined Al Qaeda in Pakistan by 1998 is the first American after to be charged with high treason after the Second World War.

Muslim Advocacy Group Filing Complaint with Police in Vegas

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed complaint against Henderson Police Department following the arrest of seven south Californian Muslim men while praying in a parking lot in a shopping center. The arrested men were told they were behaving suspiciously. CAIR says the police have failed to differentiate between prayer and suspicious behavior. The police department has offered no comment yet.