A Spanish radio station interviews Abu Sharif leader of the Al Qaeda Group Osbat Al Ansar

The Spanish radio station, Cadena Ser, one of the most popular radio stations in Spain has published an interview with Abu Sharif, the leader of Osbat Al Ansar an Al Qaeda Group settled in the south of Lebanon, in a Palestinian refugee camp. The Spanish radio station highlighted the thesis of Abu Sharif about Al-Andalus: “Al-Andalus will be again an Islamic caliphate”

Spanish Radio: Taliban threatens attacks on West

Spanish security forces discovered a video showing the Taliban threatening to stage attacks on Spain, the United States, France, Denmark, Australia, and Israel. It “threatens NATO and US troops with attacks against their interests inside and outside of Afghan territory of they do not withdraw from Afghanistan,” said news radio station Cadena Ser.

The 42-minute long video was distributed on November 14th – five days after two Spanish soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb attack in western Afghanistan. Spanish security forces have given the video “total credibility” and are taking the threats very seriously.

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Police find European Al-Qaeda manual

According to Spanish newspaper Cadena Ser, Spanish police have discovered an internet handbook for a European al-Qaeda cell, detailing the use of remote-controlled bombs against international troops in Afghanistan and Lebanon. The 8-page handbook containing instructions on non-suicide bombs, was the first time that Spanish police discovered such detailed instructions, including tips on how to avoid being detected. However, initial findings suggest that instructions found in the manual had not actually been used.

Intercultura presents a book about the Hispano-Moroccan relations

The Interculture Association will present a book entitled Spain-Morocco from the river South presented by the La Vanguardia and Cadena Ser, and North African correspondent Carla Fibla. The presentation of the book will be also include a debate and open discussion. The author focused her work in the Perejil crisis, and the diplomatic relationship between Aznar’s government and Morocco, including a collection of opinions from a variety of people, including professors and journalists about subjects such as the Western Sahara and, and immigration perspectives surrounding of Spanish-Moroccan relations.