Vitoria Considers Building Muslim Cemetery

The municipality of Vitoria is to consider the construction of a cemetery to suit the needs of its Muslim population, The city will meet this fall with representatives from its five mosques and the Islamic Communities Union in the Basque Country to negotiate the project, whose initial discussions date to the late 1990s when the Vitorian Mayor’s office destined 1,000 square meters in El Salvador for this use. The recent inauguration of a Muslim cemetery in Derio (opened in Oct, 2008 inside the Christian cemetery already built) seems to have provided new support to the project, explains Union President Ahmed El Hanafy.

The new cemetery would allow the believers to save the huge costs of sending the corpses back to their countries of origin. “We are not speaking about immigrants, but of the new generations, of Vitorian Muslims who want to be buried according to Islamic rituals“, says El Hanafy.

Muslim Cemetery in Amsterdam On Hold

Construction of a Muslim cemetery in Amsterdam is on hold for the time being due to the costs, ND reports. Three years ago the city of Amsterdam set aside 416,000 euro for a Muslim cemetery to be placed in the Nieuwe Ooster cemetery. Although the process included much deliberation with the Islamic community, a committee reached an agreement in which the municipality and the Nieuwe Ooster cemetery itself contributed to the project. Construction was supposed to start last spring but has been put on hold due to the cost. When the project goes through, the cemetery would serve for at least twenty years, since most of the deceased Turks and Moroccans are buried in their homeland.

Austria´s first Islamic cemetery opens for business

Austria’s first ever Islamic cemetery will see its first burial tomorrow (Fri). Omar Al-Rawi, a Social Democrat (SPÖ) municipal councillor and the person responsible for integration at the Islamic Believers Denomination (IG), said today the first body to be buried there would be that of a Moroccan who at worked for the UN in Vienna and died of illness. The service will take place after the daily prayers at the site in southern Vienna. Al-Rawi said the cemetery was available to every Muslim who died and parcels of land in it would be not sold or reserved for anyone. The cemetery would be open to all who wanted to visit it, just like any other, he added. Al-Rawi said the first bodies to be buried in the cemetery would be placed deep into the ground to allow the stacking of corpses in order to accommodate a maximum number of bodies, which he estimated to be 4,000.

The cemetery has a long history. The first discussions between IG and the city government about an Islamic cemetery started some 20 years ago and finally led to acceptance of a plan by both sides in 2001, when it was hoped the cemetery would be able to open in 2003. In the interim, archaeologists would conduct excavations on the 3.4 hectares of land in question.

Muslim Demonstrators Protest Outside American Actor’s Hospital Room in Nice

Dozens of Muslim residents in Nice protested outside the hospital of American actor Angelina Jolie’s, demanding more attention be given by the mayor to a local murdered youth and not to Jolie and actor Brad Pitt’s recently born twin babies. Specifically protestors were requesting that the body of the victim be released to have a proper Muslim funeral.

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Plans for more Leeds Muslim burial sites

Plans to extend Harehills Cemetery to provide more Muslim burial spaces have been rejected by Liberal Democrat councillors as too costly. They are now calling for spaces for Muslim burials to be provided at a new cemetery planned for Whinmoor Grange. An extension at Harehills would cost an estimated _2,000 per burial plot compared to just _20 per plot at Whinmoor Grange, say the Liberal Democrats. Coun Richard Brett (Lib Dem, Burmantofts and Richmond Hill), Liberal Democrat group leader, said the idea of extending Harehills should be scrapped. He said: “We have already rejected the previous administration’s plans for a massive 46 acre site at Whinmoor as we believe that a series of smaller sites for a all faiths around the city would better suit the city’s needs. “I am proposing that the best way forward for all parties is for a new multi-faith site at Whinmoor Grange. A specific area of this ought to be reserved for the Muslim community.” The need to find more burial space in Leeds has been a growing issue in recent years and a lack of burial provision for Muslims is a particularly pressing aspect of the problem.

City of Valencia breaches agreement to bury Muslims

The city of Valencia breached an agreement of cooperation between the state and the Islamic Commission of Spain, which regulates the burial of Muslims in cemeteries. The city refused to give burial space in the General Cemetery and other locations that accommodates Islamic burial practices. The agreement between the state and the Islamic Community of Spain stems from a 1992 law giving the same recognition to Islamic communities right to grand land for burials in the necropolis and municipal property, and the right to their own precincts.

Muslims will have their own enclosure in the municipal Cemetery

Muslims will have their own enclosure, and be allowed to be buried according to their own religious funerary rites. Over the summer, the Islamic community of albacete_a launched discussions with the city council of Albacete to think about the possibility of such a plan, and find a suitable place; Muslims will now have their own cemetery within the cemetery albacete_o. Muslim burial rites include the washing of the body, covering it with a single plain cloth, and burying the body to face Mecca.

The new municipal cemetery of Alicante will have a Muslim sector

An agreement between the city administration and the Islamic Community of Alicante as attributed a sector of the local cemetery to the Muslim population. The creation of the new sector is inserted in the General Plan of Urban Ordination and will respect part of the particular rituals of a Muslim burial.