Muslim volunteers at Grenfell Tower harassed by Britain First

Britain First leader, Paul Golding, posted an angry video claim he and his activists had been “abused” outside the East London Mosque. According to videos posted by the mosque, the right-wing populist organisation was harassing Muslims during a fundraiser to help those affected by the deadly Grenfell Tower fire, coinciding with mid-day prayers.

In the videos, Golding is shown to be blocking traffic and saying, “this used to be our area, it will be our area once again.”

Racist right-wing social media glorifies terrorism against Muslims after the Finsbury Park Attack

The far-right group, Britain First, posted about the Finsbury Park Mosque terrorist attack on its Facebook page. Many of the responses to the post tried to justify the attack on Muslims.

One respondent said, “The muslims are asking for it [sic]”. Other comments followed similar themes of victim blaming.

Others praised the terrorist, Darren Osborne, who was called a “patriot” and “hero” on the social media site. Others critiqued the small death toll from his attack.

The person who reported the threatening comments to the Home Office was concerned that these threatening comments against Muslims would not be treated with the same seriousness as similar (or milder) comments made by alleged Islamist extremists.

Under the Terrorism Act of 2006, these Facebook comments could be considered a crime because they may amount to an “encouragement of terrorism.”


Britain First’s Holy War: Home Office condemns ‘anti-Muslim propaganda’ as petition calls for group to be banned

A petition calling for the government to ban anti-Islam group Britain First has prompted a statement from the Home Office condemning those who “seek to spread hate by demonising British Muslims”. More than 12,000 people and an anti-Islamophobia charity have now demanded ministers take action against the Christian conservative group.

The petition accuses Britain First of being an “extremist offshoot of the BNP”, adding: “Via the internet and social media the group spews out anti-Muslim propaganda in order to fulfil their goal of a ‘Holy War’ against the Muslim community in the UK. The UK government must proscribe this party before they achieve their aims.”

“We are a registered political party who campaign for British people to be put first in their own country. We are also a Christian movement who believe that Muslims are victims of a barbaric ideology; our Holy war is not ‘against the Muslim community in the UK’, it is against the extremes of Islam.”

She added that the 2014 comments cited in the petition – in which founding member Jim Dowson is quoted as saying the group was involved in a “crusade” – were outdated as Dowson had left the movement in 2014. Britain First leader Paul Golding revealed today (29 January) that Dowson would be speaking at an upcoming Britain First march in Dewsbury, however, describing him as an “outstanding orator”.

A response to the petition by the Home Office, published on 28 January, said while the government kept the list of proscribed organisations “under review” it would not confirm if it was considering banning Britain First.

But in what appears to be a swipe at the group, the Home Office added: “The government condemns those who seek to spread hate by demonising British Muslims. Those who seek to divide us damage our country by stoking anti-Muslim hatred and deliberately raise community fears and tensions by bringing disorder and violence to our towns and cities.”

Far-right falling for ISIS narrative? Paris attacks being used to target Islam, refugees

Far right groups across Europe are seizing upon the Paris attacks to condemn Islam and vilify refugees. Opponents are concerned the language being used reinforces Islamic State’s own narrative of an epic clash of civilizations.

From Britain First and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) to France’s National Front and Germany’s Pegida, right-wing groups across Europe have used last Friday’s terror attacks to aid their anti-Islam, anti-immigration agendas.

In doing so, several groups have characterized recent events as an ongoing conflict between the West and Islam. Analysts argue this is exactly what Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) wants.

According to retired Foreign Office diplomat Oliver Miles, the terror group aims to incite a Western response they can later define as a ‘crusade.’

“If they can provoke the west into what they will call a crusade they can count on growing support from marginalized Muslims both in the Middle East and in countries such as Britain and France,” he wrote in the Guardian last year.

Since the group began making headlines in 2014, pundits have clashed over the extent to which Islam as a religion can be held responsible for the violence of a fanatical minority.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail British tabloid printed a cartoon on Tuesday which many have compared to Nazi propaganda due to its suggestion that refugees entering Europe from the war-torn Middle East are rat-like. The illustration depicts Muslim men and women crossing the border into Europe, some of them carrying guns, with rats scurrying along the ground at their feet. Nazi literature often drew on similar imagery. As Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, wrote in 1940: “Just like rats, the Jews 2,000 years ago moved from the Middle East to Egypt, at that time a flourishing land … In large hordes they migrated from there to the ‘Promised Land,’ flooded the entire Mediterranean region, broke into Spain, France, and Southern Germany.


UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage has led the charge of Britain’s right-wing political establishment by accusing some British Muslims of being “conflicted in their loyalties” between the UK and elements within their religion. Speaking to UKIP supporters on Monday, Farage blamed the failure of multiculturalism for the Paris attacks, arguing that mass immigration has created divisions within the UK, France and “much of the rest of Europe.”

Britain First

Other groups have been less nuanced in their attack on Muslims. Far-right group Britain First has ramped up its Islamophobia in the wake of the Paris attacks. At least two Facebook posts published since Friday’s atrocities in Paris question the idea that Islam is a “religion of peace” by drawing comparisons with other ‘genuinely peaceful’ religions like Christianity and Judaism.

Founded by disillusioned members of the British National Party (BNP) in 2011, Britain First is notable for its slick social media campaigns, often using internet memes to spread disingenuous and hateful messages.

Britain First Descends On Burton-Upon-Trent To Fight Plans For So-Called ‘Mega Mosque’

The far-right anti-Islam group Britain First has apparently compared itself to Winston Churchill as it marches in Burton-Upon-Trent in Staffordshire to protest against the building of a new mosque.

Police estimate up to 300 people will attend the march today by the extreme group which wants to “ban all trace of Islam from the UK” according to a BBC documentary.

The pseudo-political party quoted Churchill in its plans to protest against the extension of an existing mosque in the town to create the ‘biggest and best mosque in Europe’.

A counter demonstration is being staged at the same time and local church leaders have criticised the protest by the so-called ‘Christian’ group and said they are “disturbed” by its intentions.

The new mosque would be an enlarged version of The Central Jamia Mosque, which already serves 700 worshippers at a time. Under the plans, it would increase its capacity to 1,500.

‘Racist’ far-right party Britain First horrifies in BBC documentary

Far Right political party Britain First has been attacked as racist, Islamophobic and fascist after a BBC documentary on the group aired last night. We Want Our Country Back followed the “patriotic” organisation as it fought to have Islam banned in the UK. In one scene, deputy leader Jayda Fransen says, “Where there are Muslims there is radicalisation”, and in another, members shout, “Go back to the desert” from a car.

Horrified viewers in Britain denounced the Christian group as “xenophobic”, “bigots” and “uneducated”, distancing themselves from the anti-Muslim message. “If it walks like a fascist and talks like a fascist, it’s a fascist,” wrote Twitter user Mozes. “The people who divide our communities aren’t migrants or people of Islamic faith, they are Britain First,” tweeted Liam Beattie.

But the organisation hit back hard against the BBC, with leader Paul Golding calling the broadcaster “heavily left-wing and biased” and dismissing the documentary as a “hatchet-job”.

“Even by BBC standards it was a shocking display of tax payers money financing a piece of extreme anti-British-Anti-Christian propaganda,” read the Britain First Facebook page, which has almost one million likes. “We will not rest until every traitor is punished for their crimes against our country. And by punished, I mean good old fashioned British justice at the end of a rope!”

Britain First founder Jim Dowson quits over mosque invasions and ‘racists and extremists’

July 28, 2014

The founder of Britain First has resigned from the far-right group over its “provocative and counterproductive” mosque invasions. James “Jim” Dowson, a former British National Party (BNP) member and anti-abortion campaigner, announced his departure on Sunday. While Britain First blamed “media pressure” and family issues for the decision and said he would be missed “enormously” in a saccharine post, Mr Dowson publicly shamed the group’s tactics as “unacceptable and unchristian”.

The 49-year-old told the Mirror: “Most of the Muslims in this country are fine. They are worried about extremists the same as us. So going into their mosques and stirring them up and provoking them is political madness and a bit rude.”

Britain First posts triumphant videos of the so-called “invasions” on its website and Facebook page, where its paramilitary-style arm is seen confronting imams and worshippers. The group also organises “Christian patrols” in ethnically diverse areas and has been known to hand out Bibles to Muslims. The group ignored requests to take off their shoes in a place of worship, saying “when you respect women we’ll respect your mosques”.

The father-of-nine is facing criminal charges relating to loyalist flag protests in Belfast earlier this year and claims to be under “constant police surveillance”.