“In Sassuolo I’d like a place of worship for all!” Initiative on Facebook

February 7, 2014


Osama Qasim, head of the Young Muslims, launched a Facebook initiative “A mosque in Sassuolo, why not?” The initiative started about a month ago, and relies on public support for an Islamic place of worship in Sassuolo. Each person who supports the cause takes a picture with a sign that says “In Sassuolo I’d like a place of worship for all.”


Bologna 2000: http://www.bologna2000.com/2014/02/07/nella-sassuolo-che-vorrei-un-luogo-di-culto-per-tutti-iniziativa-su-fb/

Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.687031574674949.1073741830.683720728339367&type=3.

“Mosques in Italy:” The Northern League and Muslims in confrontation

January 14, 2014


On Friday January 17th laws, rights and the overall distrust. The conference is titled “the Northern League and Young Muslims in confrontation” and will take place in Bologna. The Northern League will be represented by Umberto Bosco, board member of the Emilia party. Representing the Young Muslims will be Yassine Lafram, from Turin and of Moroccan origin.

Bosco promises that the event “will bring about a heated but civil debate between supposedly antipodal positions. The topic of the mosques is very controversial but little known, and the debate will not be a simple opportunity to reiterate the familiar opposition of the Northern League to their construction, but the opportunity to clarify and argue its position.”


Modena 2000: http://www.modena2000.it/2014/01/14/moschee-in-italia-lega-nord-e-musulmani-a-confronto-venerdi-a-bologna/

Islam: Bologna, Islamic Confederation promotes meeting

April 24, 2013

ROME — ”Diversity in Islam and interfaith dialogue” is the theme of a meeting to be held in Bologna, Tuesday April 30 at 10:00 am, organized by the Confederation of Italian Islam (CII). The objective of the meeting, announced by the CII is to ”create an opportunity for Islamic parties who are interested in the issues of religious freedom and interreligious dialogue.”

Founded in March 2012, CII, headed by Wahid al Fihri, aims to examine issues such as integration, citizenship and civil coexistence among peoples and religions.

Rapper of Moroccan origin from Bologna: “Through Rap I can express myself”

March 20, 2013

Issam Mrini, aka Lama Islam, was born in Morocco and raised in Bologna, where, from an early age, he was exposed to the hip hop culture. Today, thirty years, Lama Islam is a well-known rapperand known throughout the Italian underground scene.

In 2002 Lama Islam opened a hip hop clothing store in Bologna. The store has become a center for the the hip hop scene in Bologna. “It was not easy to do this project” said Lama Islam “I have made many sacrifices but thank God things are going well and, despite the crisis, I also created my own label ‘Renim.'”

Muslims of Europe: Perspectives on Gender and Relgion 27-28 January 2011

International Conference
27-28 January 2011
Facoltà di Scienze Politiche
Sala Poeti, Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna
Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions
in the Mediterranean and South East Europe
(European Commission FP7 project)
Dipartimento di Politica, Istituzioni, Storia Swedish Research Council
Stefano Allievi, Schirin Amir-Moazami, Raffaella Baritono, Gaia Giuliani,
Nilüfer Göle, Jeanette Jouili, Helen Kambouri, Pia Karlsson Minganti,
Laura Lanzillo, Angela Liberatore, Mila Mancheva, Sandro Mezzadra,
Vincenzo Pace, Renata Pepicelli, Anne Sofie Roald,
Evgenia Troeva-Grigorova, Stefano Zan
Sandro Mezzadra, Pia Karlsson Minganti, Renata Pepicelli (University of Bologna)

Italy holds five on terror charge

Police in Bologna have arrested four Tunisians and one Moroccan, in the investigation of an alleged international terrorist ring, and are seeking a sixth. The ring of men is allegedly responsible for recruiting suicide bombers for attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Police raided residences of the men in Bologna, Ravenna, and Como. Investigators gathered information on the activities of the men through phone taps.

Bologna’s mayor backtracks on mosque; project ‘badly handled,’ says scholar

A controversial project to build a mosque in Bologna has been scrapped, due to lack of agreement from local Muslims concerning two key conditions. The city’s Islamic Cultural Centre failed to reply to a letter laying town two essential conditions for the mosque to go ahead; the city’s councillor, Virginio Merola says this indicated a disagreement with the city council over the project. The city council’s letter asked for (1) a foundation to be set up to ensure transparency over funding for the planned mosque, and (2) that Bologna’s Muslim community distance itself from Italy’s largest Muslim group – the Union of Islamic Communities of Italy (UCOII). While plans for the mosque construction have now fallen through, Bologna’s Islamic Cultural Centre says it remains committed to building the mosque, despite opposition. A former coordinator for the mosques in the Emilia Romagna region, Hasan Giulio Soravia , criticized leaders for failing to break away from the UCOII, the largest Muslim group in Italy. The UCOII has many members that belong to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement, and as such, Muslim projects in Italy have been encouraged to sever ties with the association. However, Soravia remains hopeful, that Muslims in Italy will e able to forge their own Islam that distances itself from the logic of Arab states.

Italy mosque put off, rightists rejoice

ROME – Bowing to pressures from right-wing groups, Italian authorities have put off plans to build a mosque in the northern city of Bologna pending consultations with local residents. Bologna’s mayor Sergio Cofferati said local residents will be surveyed about the construction of the mosque in the San Donato neighborhood, Reuters reported. “We will take into account the feelings of the neighborhood and then we will decide,” he said.