Green star worn in France to oppose debate on Islam

News Agencies – March 28, 2011

Abderahmane Dahmane, Sarkozy’s former diversity advisor called on Muslims to wear a green star to protest the debate on secularism proposed by the UMP. A statement issued by Dahmane and Hassan Ben M’Barek, spokesperson for Banlieues Respect, which presents itself as a union of associations but whose influence seems limited, said that the green star on their clothing will show that Muslims in France have decided to demand the cancellation of the debate on Islam and the end of UMP Islamophobia.

News Agencies – March 16, 2011

Religious leaders, politicians and heads of suburban organizations met at the initiative of the national federation of the Paris Mosque, the Council of Democratic Muslims in France and the Banlieues Respect Collective in order to decide on action against the planned debate on secularism.

Banlieues Respect says that such a debate will lead to laws stigmatizing Muslims, and in the spirit of inter-religious solidarity, requested the Church of France to make its empty churches available for Friday prayer, so that Muslims won’t pray in the streets and be held hostage by politicians.