Hundreds of potential terrorists live in Germany, official says

There are roughly 700 people in Germany who the interior ministry believes may be involved in extremist Islam circles, the ministry’s deputy head said. Of the some 700 people in Germany suspected of being Islamic terrorists, a “double digit” number of them have been classified by the country’s 16 states as dangerous and are “under especially intense surveillance,” Hanning said. Radical Islamists in Germany have also taken part in terror training camps in the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, added Hanning, who previously served as the head of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency.

Terrorists’ targets tend to be crowded, public areas that are difficult to secure, Deputy Interior Minister August Hanning told the Sunday, Nov. 2, edition of Berlin’s BZ am Sonntag. “Suspects plan inhuman forms of attacks against so-called soft targets,” he told the paper in comments made available ahead of publication.

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German fears over al Qaeda actvity

Al Qaeda has begun an online propaganda campaign, targeting German-speaking Muslims with increasing amounts of terror-related content, German security officials have told CNN. And while there is no evidence of specific plans against Germany and Austria, German State Secretary of the Interior August Hanning has said he is worried that the authorities “will not be able to thwart all terror plots in the future.” Jihadist videos obtained by CNN, and narrated and subtitled in German, call on German-speaking Muslims to join the “Holy War” against what they call an “American led coalition against Islam that Germany and Austria are a part of. CNN has also seen excerpts of what German intelligence officials say is a 16-hour long, professionally produced bomb-making tutorial. Watch report on the terror videos.

Germany under Qaeda terror threat

Ranking higher on the hit list of Al-Qaeda, Germany has become a prime target for them. Commanders of the terror group in Afghanistan and Pakistan have ordered terror attacks on the country, senior government officials said today. ”Germany is at the centre of Al-Qaeda’s attention and in their line of fire. The facts have changed since last year,” interior ministry spokesman Stefan Paris said confirming a press report. A state secretary in the interior ministry, August Hanning said that al-Qaeda leaders based in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan had ‘decided to carry out attacks in Germany.’ ”We are worried that we will not be able to foil every plot,” he added. Die Welt said Germany’s domestic intelligence agency and police had established that Germany’s six-year-old military mission in Afghanistan had prompted Al-Qaeda to move the country ‘much higher’ on its list of targets.

RVW Berlin déjoue des tentatives d’attentats islamistes visant des intérêts allemands et américains

Extrait : Deux Allemands convertis _ l’islam et un Turc install_ depuis longtemps outre-Rhin ont _t_ arr_t_s. Dix autres personnes sont recherch_es. Les djihadistes seraient li_s _ Al-Qaida. Au lendemain de l’arrestation de trois islamistes soup_onn_s de pr_parer une s_rie d’attentats _ la voiture pi_g_e, dix autres personnes _taient recherch_es, jeudi 6 septembre, par la police. _ Il s’agit d’Allemands, de Turcs, et il y a encore d’autres nationalit_s. C’est le r_seau que nous connaissons pour l’instant _, a indiqu_ August Hanning, secr_taire d’Etat _ l’int_rieur. Pr_s de 30 sites, r_partis dans plusieurs r_gions, ont _t_ perquisitionn_s, mercredi.