Jihad in Web 2.0: Interactive Propaganda

For years now extremist websites have been spreading the word of Osama bin Laden via his video messages. Now the propaganda of hate and violence is also turning increasingly to the so-called Web 2.0.

To the strains of Arab-Islamic melodies a masked Muslim sings about Jihadism, his song providing the background to images of Islamic terrorist attacks.

Jens Kutscher, lecturer in law at the University of Erlangen, came across the Islamist propaganda film on YouTube, together with hundreds of others of a similar nature calling for armed struggle to be taken up against the USA and the rest of the western world. Jens Rosbach reports.

Islamic leaders welcome forum proposal

Islamic leaders are welcoming a proposal to include an international forum on promoting debate in the Muslim world at the Venice Biennale arts festival. Former president of the Venice Biennale, dedicated the theme of the 1977 Venice Biennale to dissent – in relation to Communist countries of the eastern bloc. He called for this contemporary similar proposal, concerning Islamic dissent. Ahmad Vincenzo, president of the Association of Muslim Intellectuals and lecturer at the Federico II University in Naples, stated I imagine that it would speak about dissent with regard to the regimes of many countries that have an Islamic majority. Not dissent towards Islam as a religion. Karima Moual, president of the Association of Young Moroccans also supported the proposal, as an initiative [that] would benefit if it made people from the Arab Islamic world participate […] I believe that the real problem in our countries is the absence of debate.