Belgian police rounds up radicals

Le Monde


Belgian special police units conducted a nationwide operation against radical Muslim networks in Brussels, Anvers and Vivorde. The police actions follow a security plan to clamp down on a number of Belgian Muslims departing to join the Syrian revolution. Amongst those who were arrested was a young Belgian who was hospitalized after being injured from fighting in Syria.

According to the Belgian government, 60 to 80 young Belgians have so far joined the ranks of the Syrian revolutionaries. Most recently, two 16 year old grammar school students from Brussels are feared to have departed to fight in Syria.

Daycare Worker Loses License Because of Imam Husband’s Position on Hijab

The official organization for child protection in the northern Belgian region of Flanders has revoked a daycare license from the wife of an Imam from Anvers, who has defended a so-called “extremist” position on the headscarf in public schools. While the woman is not named, her husband, imam Nordine Taouil, feels they have been discriminated and negatively characterized, asking why his wife and children should be punished. Taouil, 35, suggested to Muslim students to boycott schools were the headscarf was banned.