An analysis piece on Islamic Feminism in France by Adriane Choukour Wali titled ‘France and Islamic feminism: intersectionality in the Republic’

February 18, 2014


Preview: ‘The fact is that Islamic feminists in western countries, and especially in France, struggle with identity affiliations and fight against multiple forms of oppression that bind them to post-colonial and anti-racist movements.’


Call for intellectual critique of the function of religion in society

In this article, political scientist Stephan Grigat of the University of Vienna calls for a revisited and intellectual critique of religion. He claims it essential to look at the differences of religions and their respective function in society, and also to criticize them wherever a practice counters rational and free thought.

Grigat regrets that the established left leaves the criticism of Islam to racists of the right instead of phrasing a critique in line with emancipation, enlightenment and humanism.