A judge issues the first condemnation for Islamophobia in Catalonia

March 5, 2014


The Judge of a Barcelona Court, ​​María Pilar Calvo, has condemned Jaime T., the website administrator of “denunciascivicas.com”, to two years in prison for inciting hate and violence against Islam and for disseminating anti-Islamic beliefs. The condemnation is the first Islamophobia related condemnation in Catalonia.

Denunciascivicas.com, which has received at least 21,240 visits, contains material praising the Third Reich in Germany. It also encourages readers to carry out similar crimes against Muslims.

Police arrested the IT administrator in March 2011 and seized all kinds of xenophobic paraphernalia, such as photos of Adolf Hitler and swastikas, along with numerous videos from his computer which show him making anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim speeches.

But the man’s two-year sentence judgment — the first for Islamophobia in Catalonia — may be suspended if the defendant agrees to attend a human rights course and does not commit a new crime within three years.

In Catalonia the legal framing of anti-racist and anti-xenophobic laws is defined by the Spanish Constitution of 1978, by the Autonomous Status of Catalonia, Organic law 6/2006 from 19 of July 2006 and by the Organic Law of 4/2000.





More charges for NY man in X-ray weapon case

January 17, 2014


An upstate New York man accused of trying to build an X-ray weapon to hurt and kill people at a mosque and an Islamic center faces additional weapons charges. Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment late Thursday against Glendon Scott Crawford, charging the 49-year-old man with conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, distributing information related to such weapons and attempting to produce a device to endanger people by releasing radiation.

Crawford and Eric Feight have been jailed since their arrest in June on charges they assembled a mobile X-ray device meant to be used in the greater Albany area to sicken Muslims and enemies of Israel. Authorities say the device was inoperable. Nobody was hurt. Crawford’s attorney declined to comment Friday. Feight wasn’t named in the indictment.


Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/religion/more-charges-for-ny-man-in-x-ray-weapon-case/2014/01/17/011466ec-7fce-11e3-97d3-b9925ce2c57b_story.html

Xenophobic Inscriptions found near Caen mosque

Xenophobic and anti-Islamic inscriptions were found near a mosque in Hérouville-Saint-Clair, just outside of the city of Caen. The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) expressed its “profound indignation” and “condemned with force this new aggression”

German conservatives say Muslims must show restraint with mosques

Following a controversial Swiss referendum to ban mosques with minarets, Christian Democratic state interior ministers in Germany on Thursday recommended Muslims show restraint when building houses of worship. “Naturally the Muslims in Germany have a right to build mosques. But they should make sure not to overwhelm the German population with them,” Hessian Interior Minister and conservative Christian Democrat Volker Bouffier told daily Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

Large mosque minarets or domes that dominate the skyline will only create fears of Islamisation and fuel protests, Bouffier told the paper, explaining that the country’s state interior ministers would address the topic during their regularly scheduled conference on Thursday. Afterwards the ministers plan to make an appeal to Muslim associations to avoid such structures, even if they are legal according to building regulations, in addition to “further intensifying the dialogue with Muslims in Germany,” he told the paper.

Attempts to prevent the construction of mosques in Germany have made national headlines in recent years. This November workers in Cologne broke ground on a large, futuristic mosque with 55-metre minarets after it drew protestors from across the continent – including right-wing extremists.

Swiss nationalists vote on banning Muslim minarets

A campaign led by the right-wing populists of the Swiss people’s party, is seeking to enshrine a constitutional ban on minarets. The initiative received more than enough votes to warrant a referendum on the issue – 15,000 more than the 100,000 signatures needed. People’s party lawmaker Walter Wobmann defended the move, saying “many recognize in this a further step in the creeping Islamization of Switzerland.” Opponents of the proposition say that it would violate the religious freedom of the more than 300,000 Muslims in Switzerland. Henri-Mazine Khedoud, spokesperson for the Swiss Association of Muslims for Secularism said that he is confident the motion will be rejected. No date has been set for the referendum.

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