Distribution of Halal Sandwiches

December 12, 2013


TREVISO – Starting soon, vending machine lunch break snacks will also include sandwiches that are certified “halal” for Muslim workers. The products come from Novagest, a small company in Treviso. The “halal” sandwich will be made with turkey meat from turkeys that will be slaughtered according to customs in the Koran.


ANSA: http://www.ansa.it/web/notizie/regioni/veneto/2013/12/12/Islam-distributore-tramezzini-halal-_9769195.html

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Protest Against Lambs Killed for the Islam Festival

October 15, 2013

In Massa Carrara, animal rights groups blocked access to a barn that housed 80 lambs, which will be used for the slaughter ritual planned by Muslims on the occasion of the feast of sacrifice. A group of people tried to prevent the transfer of the lambs to slaughter and police had to intervene.

ANSA.it: http://www.ansa.it/web/notizie/regioni/toscana/2013/10/15/Blitz-contro-agnelli-uccisi-festa-islam_9466079.html

Italian Islam convert killed fighting for Syrian rebels [in English]

By Christopher Livesay


TAGS: radicalization, youth and pop culture, public opinion and Islam in the media


20-year-old was under investigation for terrorist recruitment Genoa – A 20-year-old from the northwestern port city of Genoa who had converted to Islam has died in Syria while fighting with rebels against the government of Bashar al-Assad. The death of Giuliano Ibrahim Delnevo, a student, was first reported by Milan daily Il Giornale on Tuesday and subsequently confirmed by ANSA sources. Delnevo, who had taken the name Ibrahim along with his new faith, had posted passages of the Koran on his Facebook page along with a photograph of Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, known as the ‘Father of Global Jihad’ who inspired Osama bin Laden to take up fundamentalist offensive jihad. His family reportedly had no ties to Islam. According to Il Giornale he taken up with the “most extremist Syrian rebels”. Prosecutors later revealed Delnevo was under investigation in Genoa for terrorist recruitment at the time of his death. According to sources, the probe had been ongoing for months. Authorities said he went to Syria towards the end of 2012, though he had already made contact with extremist groups there in mid-2012. Investigators are looking into whether Delnevo was trained in Italy. Prosecutors said “there are other suspects who are not from Genova”. But Italy’s Security Intelligence Department (DIS) was quick to assure there was no major risk of widespread terrorist recruitment in the country. “There is not a concentration of recruitment, just a few individuals,” said DIS Director Giampiero Massolo. The imam of Genoa told ANSA he remembers seeing Delnevo. “He didn’t come to pray in our center, but I remember seeing him at some of our events, because he was dressed like a sufi,” Salah Hussein said, noting a long white tunic and a Qizilbash, a traditional crimson hat. The head of the Italian Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations (UCOI) on Tuesday distanced his group from the young radical, which the media has dubbed “the Italian jihadist”. “Our role as men and women of faith, just as other faiths, is to work together to send a message of co-existence and not to leave space for personal interpretations of divine messages,” said Ezzedine Elzir. “I don’t know this boy, and I know that (the Muslim community) in Genoa didn’t know him… “I don’t believe he was converted here in Italy”. Delnevo is not the first Italian citizen to be linked to extremist Islam. But the fact that he was born and raised in a Catholic country to Italian parents and not to parents from a majority-Muslim country makes him stand out. Less surprising was the arrest last week of a 21-year-old Italian of Moroccan descent in Brescia for allegedly running the Italian branch of a Belgium-based Islamist organisation under suspicion of planning attacks in Italy.

J’accuse the Islamic community

Milan- “It should have been a day of celebration but it has turned in yet another act of discrimination and racism against Muslims.” The ANSA news agency reported the accusations of Sharif Lorenzini, Bari, director of the Italian Islamic Community, with respect to a water park “Acquaneva of Inzago,” in the province of Milan.

At the amusement park which had been sponsored by the Halal consumer association that certifies the quality of products according to the dictates of the Islamic religion. According to Lorenzini the owners of a water park would have rented the waterpark to the group, but then, suddenly, they changed their minds, leaving the organizers in trouble and with a deep sense of disappointment and over 200 participants from all parts of Italy attending.

“We had made arrangements to purchase the structure” explained the President of Halal, Basma Farrag both on price, date, and also the use of the structure. But from one day to the next the owner began to take an arrogant attitude towards us: constantly changing the cards on the table and then on the phone greatly increased the price.” When the group accepted the new terms, the owner told them that they would not have been able to use the slides.

Farrag adds, “we have to cancel the event and there is a strong feeling of disappointment sweeping across the Italian Islamic Community. A feeling that is turning into desire for revenge: we feel the racism and discrimination. And with us there are also many non-Muslim women who were to participate in the event.” Now, the association is considering whether to take legal action against the water park.

Italy Body To Link Muslims, Government; Italian Muslims Have Welcomed The Move To Create The Council

Italy’s Interior minister has approved the creation of an advisory council to improve communication between the government and the Muslim community, the ministry announced. The body will respond directly to the Interior Ministry, and will be responsible for counselling the government on facilitating the integration of Muslims in Italy. Its members will be representatives from Italy’s Muslim community and academics appointed by the ministry, officials said on Saturday. “They will express opinions, and formulate proposals on questions indicated by the ministry,” Minister Giuseppe Pisanu was quoted as saying by the ANSA news agency. Representatives of the Muslim community in Italy welcomed the proposals. Italian Islam? “It is a good start, in the hope that it will contribute to the objective of creating an Italian Islam,” Mario Scialoja, the president of the Muslim World League in Italy, told ANSA. Italy has been on a heightened state of alert since the July bombings on London’s Underground. A recent report by Italy’s Executive Committee of Information and Security Services found that North African communities in northern Italy are likely to be targeted – mostly Tunisians and Moroccans living in the northern regions of Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. The Italian government this summer approved reforms to fight terrorism, and this week it expelled two men of North African descent on charges that they posed a “danger” to public safety.