Update: Dutch Senate Rejects Ritual Slaughter

12 June 2012


The Dutch Upper House has rejected a ban on ritual animal slaughter without anaesthetizing animals first. Earlier this month Jewish and Islamic organizations had agreed to an agreement stipulating that ritual slaughter was permitted in the case that an animal would be dead forty seconds after the cut was administered to its neck.

Following the agreement, Animal Rights Party member Marianne Thieme has debated the bill in the Dutch Senate. This is the second time the bill has been debated in the Senate: the bill was passed with large majority in the Lower House in June 2011, but stalled in the Upper House in December 2011.

Last Eid for Halal Sacrifice in the Netherlands?

7 November 2011

Given the proposed ban on ritual sacrifice in the Netherlands, which has passed the lower house of parliament and is awaiting a vote by the senate on 13 December, this may be the last year it is possible for Muslims to buy sheep or lamb which has been ritually slaughtered in the country. The ban has received increased attention this week with celebration of Eid al-Adha, in which a sheep or lamb is ritually slaughtered. It is not yet clear whether the bill, sponsored by the Animal Rights Party, will pass. Muslim and Jewish organizations oppose the ban, arguing that it would put thousands of people out of work, make it more expensive to obtain halal and kosher meat, and potentially create an ‘underground’ practice of ritual slaughter.