Analysis: Islamist terror back in Europe

Islamist terrorism is back in Europe after Spain arrested a group of terror suspects and Germany warned its Jewish community of concrete attack plans. Spanish authorities over the weekend arrested 14 terror suspects and searched several buildings in Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city. Police said the group, which included 12 Pakistanis, an Indian and a Bangladeshi, was planning a terror attack in Barcelona. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, Spain’s interior minister, said the detainees belonged to a “well-organized group that had gone a step beyond radicalization.” Authorities confiscated explosives and four timing devices, Rubalcaba said. “When someone has timers in their home, you have no option but to think violent acts are being planned,” he said. Spanish authorities got tips from foreign intelligence services, the interior minister said, and Spanish newspapers have since reported it was a hint from Pakistan that triggered the raids. The arrests come less than two months before Spain faces its general elections on March 9. Stefan Nicola repots.

Spain Arrests 14 in Plotting Attack on Barcelona

Fourteen suspected Islamic militants were arrested in Spain on January 19th, and may have been planning a terrorist act in Barcelona, according to interior minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. Rubalcaba said more arrests were expected, and the country was on high security alert. Searches of the suspects’ homes uncovered suspicious material, including four timers. Those arrested include 12 Pakistani nationals and two persons from India. Civil guard officers made the arrests as part of raids planned in connection to the National Intelligence Center.