The Islamic Community of Mollet prays in font of the City Hall as a sign of protest

11 July 2013

The Al Huda Islamic Community of Mollet (circa 150 to 200 people) met for the second day in front of the City Hall to perform their daily prayers during Ramadan, as a sign of protest. The meeting place was chosen as a protest against the closure of their former local of prayers. However the City Hall representatives affirm that the place is closed due to illegal construction works performed without permission. Furthermore, they add that the place is designed to be a commercial space so it could never be used as a mosque.

Italian Muslims Unnerved in Eid

The end of Ramadan celebration, Eid Al-Fitr, is bittersweet for Italian Muslims this year. A rise in right-wing politicians media exploitation over hot topics such as women’s clothing issues, have frustrated Muslims who would not like for their Eid festivities to be spoiled by bickering over trivialities. Samir Al-Khalidi, imam of the Al-Huda Islamic center states that there are more imminent concerns for most of Italy’s Muslims – “Muslims are focusing on issues such as mosque construction, political representation, integration and Islamophobia.”