Spanish speaking jihadist fighter of ISIS vowed to retake Spain

July 2, 2014

Syria-based Jihadists have vowed to retake Spain – “the land of our ancestors” – in a video shot in Castilian Spanish that emerged on YouTube from a Syrian pro-government account.

“We are in the Holy Land [Syria], the land of Islam and I tell and warn everyone: we are living under the Islamic flag and we will die for it until we open those locked lands from Jakarta to Andalusia. And I say: Spain is the land of our ancestors and we will open it with the power of Allah”.

Al Andalus Brigade (an ISIS supplier) detained in Madrid

June 17, 2014

The Al Andalus Brigade had sent nine ‘fighters’ from Spain and Morocco to be integrated into the terrorist factions in Iraq and Syria. Specifically, had connections with groups from seven other countries. The group, one of the leading suppliers of terrorist organization the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), had managed to form its own structure and to maintain connections with groups in France, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey and Syria, as reported by the Ministry of Interior.

The group had significantly increased their activities in recent days, so the researchers considered a serious threat to national security.

Portugal in the sight of Spanish jihadists

June 08, 2014

Spain’s greatest experts on Jihadism, are unanimous: the Portuguese authorities have reasons for concern. “Portugal must be very alert to the movements of jihadists in the territory and for the radicalization within and outside its frontiers” warns Fernando Reinares, principal investigator of the International Terrorism Elcano Royal Institute in Madrid. The same opinion is shared by Oscar Perez Ventura, director of the Department of Analysis of Terrorism and Organized Crime adding: “These Iberian jihadists are considered very dangerous.”

Manuel Torres Soriano, University Professor and author of “Al Andalus, 2.0” emphasises “attention, that all these mentions of these groups to the recovery of Andalusia refer also to Portugal. The jihadists do not believe in national divisions, but in the existence of a unique Muslim community who embraces the entire peninsula.”

Congress about fiqh maliki and the Al Andalus

12/03/2012 Author: Abdul Haqq Salaberria

In Tangier, Morocco, a group of ulamas, academics, and researchers from all over the world got together to discuss the modern presence of the fiqh-maliki school of the Andalus and its influence in the configuration of the cognitive Islamic universe. Bashir Castineira, Imam jatib of the Granada Mosque spoke about the existence of several Spanish Islamic communities working to establish again Islam in Al-Andalus, of their dawa effort and the teaching of the fiqh-maliki, and the publication in Spanish of classical juridical texts.


List of Lecturers :


  1. Dr. Abdel Hadi Tazi, from the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco
  2. Dr. Khalid Abdullah’s Madhkour, Chairman of the Council of Islamic Sharia in Kuwait
  3. Shaykh Muhammad Amin Shijna Wild, representative of the Council of Ulema of Mauritania
  4. Dr. Jamila Zian, Professor at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Saiss and Sidi  Mohammed Ben Abdellah and member of the Islamic Council of Fez
  5. Castiñeira Bashir, Imam Khatib Mosque in Granada and student of the Koran at the University of Fez Qairawiyyin
  6. Abdul Haqq Salaberria, Secretary of the Basque Islamic Council



  • Maliki school Andalusian-Maghreb in the world;
  • the legacy of Al Andalus Muslims contemporary Andalus:

A Spanish radio station interviews Abu Sharif leader of the Al Qaeda Group Osbat Al Ansar

The Spanish radio station, Cadena Ser, one of the most popular radio stations in Spain has published an interview with Abu Sharif, the leader of Osbat Al Ansar an Al Qaeda Group settled in the south of Lebanon, in a Palestinian refugee camp. The Spanish radio station highlighted the thesis of Abu Sharif about Al-Andalus: “Al-Andalus will be again an Islamic caliphate”

Junta Islamica condemns terrorist group allegations on Al-Andalus territory

The Islamic association “Junta Islamica”, created in 1989 and primarily composed of Spanish converts, has publicly condemned the references some terrorist groups have made about the re-conquest of the old Al-Andalus territory.

Mansur Escuero, Junta Islamica’s president, says such declarations damage the image of European Muslims. He added that Spanish Muslims are full European citizens with the same rights and obligations as any other citizen, and they aren’t trying to conquer any territories. 

Moorish historians want Spain to apologize upon the 400th anniversary of expulsion from Spain

400 years after King Philip III signed an order to expel 300,000 Moriscos – or part-Muslims who had converted from Islam to Christianity, some Muslim writers, Spanish and Moroccan campaigners are asking Madrid to apologize for the wrongs committed during the 17th century.

The anniversary highlights the uneasy relationship that still exists between modern-day Spanish and its Moorish, or Muslim past. Historians record the brutal conditions in which many were killed during forced resettlement in North Africa, and have urged the Spanish government to use the anniversary of the event to make overtures to the Islamic world. José Manuel Fajardo, a Spanish writer, said: “Mr. Zapatero has an opportunity to transform one of the most tragic episodes in the history of Spain into an opportunity for a re-encounter between the West and Islam.”

A spokesperson for the government said that there are no plans to mark the anniversary. The defeat of the Moors in 1492 and the expulsion of Moriscos from 17th century Spain is still a politically sensitive subject, with Osama bin Laden referring it in repeated calls for the restoration of al-Andalus – the former Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula.

Tariq Ramadan: The Alhambra shows that Europe is Islam

During a conference in Grenada, Tariq Ramadan responded to Pope Benedict XVI’s recent remarks affirming that the Alhambra, the Moorish palace in Southern Spain and showcases Islamic architecture, shows that Europe is also Islam. He added that the Al-Andalus has informed the creation of European identity. Ramadan accused the Pope of resisting a plural reconstruction of the European past.

Zawahiri calls for ‘cleansing’ Maghreb of France, Spain

DUBAI (AFP) – Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri has called for Iberia to be restored to the Islamic world, saying the first step needs to be the ‘cleansing’ of Spaniards and French from the Maghreb. Zawahiri was speaking in an 81-minute documentary-style video entitled “The Power of Truth” made public on Thursday by the US-based SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors Islamist websites. “O our Muslim Ummah (community) in the Maghreb of ribat and jihad (land of resistance and holy war): restoring Al-Andalus is a trust on the shoulders of the Ummah in general and on your shoulders in particular,” he said.