Air France rules that women don’t have to remove burqas on plane

News Agencies – November 8, 2011

French cabin crews have no right to tell Muslim women to remove their burqa aboard Air France flights – despite a nationwide ban on full face veils, the airline has ruled. Muslim passengers can be ordered to remove the garment while waiting in French airports to board the plane at the gate. But once on board, they are free to put their burqa back on, according to an internal memo to staff from Air France’s legal department.


The company’s lawyers said: ‘Flight crews on board planes cannot ask a person to uncover their face if they are hiding it. The law can only be enforced by police and other public officials on the ground.’ Pilots said they had ‘no issue’ with women wearing burqas during flights – as long as they had been through security checks before the flight. ‘Besides, on long-haul flights a lot of passengers hide their face with eye masks when they go to sleep.’

France’s controversial burqa ban which came into force in April makes it a criminal offence for for anyone to hide their face in public.

CCFM Coordinates Memorial for Air France 447 Victims at the Paris Mosque

The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CCFM) organized a memorial for the victims of the Air France 447 crash at the Mosque of Paris. Muslims also participated in an ecumenical vigil with Nicolas Sarkozy at the Notre-Dame de Paris.