Al-Qaida says US colluded with Egypt in coup

Al-Qaida’s American spokesman has accused the United States of colluding with military leaders in Egypt to topple the democratically-elected president last summer, saying the U.S. supports the Egyptian army because it “protects the borders of the Jewish state.”

In a video posted on militant websites on Friday, Adam Gadahn, a former Osama bin Laden spokesman, also criticized Egypt’s current rulers, saying the regime has been unchanged for 60 years.

He described the army-backed overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July as a “bloody secular and fascist coup.”

He also urged Muslims around the world to fight the United States to diminish its power and influence so they can choose their own governments.

Gadahn uses the name “Azzam the American.”

Irish ‘ready for Islam’, Bin Laden told

Newly released papers seized at Bin Laden’s compound in Abbotabad suggest that American-born al-Qa’ida operative Adam Gadahn considered Irish people to be particularly receptive for Islam. In a letter to an unknown recipient of January 2011, he suggested issuing a message specifically addressing the Irish people, inviting them to convert to Islam. Irish sympathies for the Palestinian cause, a growing disillusionment with the Catholic Church, following the revelation of clerical child abuse, and the economic crisis, Gadahn identifies as grounds for a possible openness of the Irish people to Islam. As “the most religious in atheist Europe”, they would rather adopt another religion than embracing secularism, he argues.

Californian Muslim cleric welcomes arrest of Al Qaeda operative

On Sunday, Salam Marayati, the head of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angles, California, welcomed the arrest of Adam Gadahn on behalf of his organization. While the reports of the capture of Gadahn, an American turned Al Qaeda operative, have not yet been confirmed by US officials, Mr. Marayati described such arrest as a step towards defeating Al Qaeda and its ideology.

Mr. Marayati’s comments came after the announcement by Pakistani intelligence service that the American-born al Qaeda member, Adam Gadahn, had been arrested in Pakistan. CIA counterterrorism officials are working on the report and have not yet confirmed the identity of the arrested person. Adam Gadahn who converted to Islam in the 90s and had joined Al Qaeda in Pakistan by 1998 is the first American after to be charged with high treason after the Second World War.

New Al-Qaeda message targets Berlusconi

Italy’s formerly center-right prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is among a recent list of al-Qaeda enemies, named in a video posted on the internet. In the video, al-Qaeda member Adam Gadahn describes Berlusconi as an accomplice of Bush in he Crusader war against Islam. The video, entitled _an invitation to reflection and repentance’ was posted on an unnamed Islamist website.