The Hague Mosque Received a Threat Letter: A Truck Might Strike

The As-Soennah Mosque in The Hague received a threat letter together with a toy truck.

Between 2005 and 2015, 175 mosques were target of  violence or aggression in the Netherlands.The city of The  Hague drew up a special Manual with tips for a safer environment for mosques. The Netherlands does not have exact numbers of islamophobic incidents unless these are reported as a criminal offense.

Members of extreme-right group protest on roof of mosque in Leiden

Extremists protest on roof of mosque in Leiden. (Photo: (Identitair Verzet))
Extremists protest on roof of mosque in Leiden. (Photo: (Identitair Verzet))

Members of extreme- right Group ‘Identitair Verzet’ [Identitair Resistance] were standing on the roof of de Al Hijra mosque in the city of Leiden. The activists stated that the Netherlands is at war with Salafism and its adherents. And upon this event, more actions will follow, they said. They have called upon activists in the country and Vlaanderen [province in Belgium] to resist themselves against islamization.

The Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands (RMMN) is shocked by the incident and has reminded the Dutch government they should pay attention to the protection of Muslims and their institutions – the government said they would made this an important matter after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

Increasing Surveillance of ‘Radicalisation’ and Travel to Syria for Muslims in the Netherlands

April 3, 2014


According to national newspaper AD, in the Netherlands some 5,000 individuals will be trained to recognize signs of ‘radicalisation’ among young Muslims. They will include teachers and police officers. AD bases its claims on confidential documents from the counter-terrorism body NCTV and security service AIVD.

Additionally, surveillance of youth who have travelled to Syria is increasing. The surveillance will reportedly be carried out by trained police officers who will be charged with openly monitoring the youth. So far, 13 youth have had their passports withdrawn, several dozen have lost social security benefits, and on four occasions individuals have had their financial resources frozen.

Dutch News

Muslim Protestors Disrupt Amsterdam Debate about Liberal Islam

7 December 2011

During a public dialogue about a ‘liberal approach to Islam’ held in Amsterdam’s cultural venue de Balie, a group of Belgian Muslims entered the hall and disrupted the program. The debate featured Canadian Muslim activist Irshad Manji and Dutch Green Party parliamentarian Tofik DIbi. During their presentation, a group of about 20 Muslims entered the room shouting ‘ Sharia for Holland’. The group came from Belgium, and AD later reported they represented the Saria4Holland organization. Police were called to the hall after the disruption, during which the disrupters spat and threw eggs at Dibi and Manji. The two panelists remained on stage. Two members of the disrupting group were arrested.

Wilders’ Statements Contribute to Graffiti on Dutch Mosques

18 July 2011


Farid Azarkan, head of the Moroccan-Dutch Association SMN has commented that PVV parliamentarian Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam statements contribute to graffiti and threats against mosques, AD reports. Azarkan claims that people ‘feel strengthened’ by the anti-Islam political message, which “manifests itself in calling on the streets to tag mosques with the exact slogans that come out of Wilders’ mouth”.

Van Gogh Murderer Has No Regrets

According to a letter obtained by newspaper AD, Mohammed Bouyeri has no regrets about his murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. The murder occurred six years ago in
Amsterdam. Bouyeri is currently serving a life sentence for the killing and reportedly wrote in the letter that he has not regretted his actions, “not one second in all these

Dutch news site removes Vilks cartoon

Dutch news site AD has removed an image of the Vilks cartoon after using it to illustrate a story on the plot to murder the Swedish cartoonist. Acting editor Bart Verkade notes that the site received many offended responses, including an email campaign organized by the As-Soenna mosque in The Hague. In covering the story about the removal of the cartoon from AD, both De Pers and Elsevier reprinted the image, to further criticism from Imam Sheik Fawaz Jneid of the As-Soennah mosque.

Concern about anti-Islam comments

ROTTERDAM – National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism (NCTb) Tjibbe Joustra fears the effects of the tone that some prominent Dutch are taking in the discussion of Islam, he says in the AD on Monday. The paper claims that Joustra is referring to statements from MP Geert Wilders and Ehsan Jami, founder of the Committee for Former Muslims. But a spokesperson for Joustra says his comments were made in general, without reference to any specific individuals. Joustra says in the paper: “When someone says those kinds of things, I have mixed feelings about that.” “Radical statements like that can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for people who are on the verge of becoming violent.”

Anti-Islam: Mosques Tucked Away

ROTTERDAM – Almost 70 new mosques will be built or extended in the next four years. AD’s own research of 485 municipalities found that most of them will be built on the outskirts of residential districts, in industrial areas, or other out-of-the-way places. According to Marcel Maussen, a researcher in Amsterdam, this is partly because prayerhouses, with their additional facilities, are simply too large for some residential districts, and “few people would want 2,000 people outside their door on a Friday afternoon”; on the other hand, the “banishment” of mosques to industrial areas and roadside pastures is also a sign of growing anti-Islamic sentiment. {(continued below in Dutch} Maar er is volgens hem ook een andere verklaring voor de _verbanning’ naar industrieterreinen en weilanden naast snelwegen. ,,Dat heeft te maken met een groeiende anti-islamstemming.” Nederland telt binnenkort zeker 450 offici_le moskee_n, waarvan er 115 zijn gevestigd in de vier grote steden. Ze bieden onderdak aan ?_n miljoen gelovigen. Het aantal kerken neemt intussen gestaag af. Het zijn er volgens schattingen van kerkverzekeraar Donatus nu nog ongeveer 4500. Maar vooral katholieke kerken krijgen de komende jaren andere functies. Op verzoek van het AD leverde bijna driekwart van de gemeenten een overzicht van de talrijke nieuwbouw- en uitbreidingsplannen voor moskee_n. De bouwgolf wordt vooral veroorzaakt door een nijpend ruimtegebrek in bestaande moskee_n. Met de vastenmaand ramadan worden in veel gemeenten provisorisch tenten en bouwketens geplaatst om de toeloop aan te kunnen. De te krappe moskee_n leverden in veel gevallen een jarenlange strijd voor een nieuw, groter gebedshuis. De nieuwbouw levert meestal een verdubbeling van de vloeroppervlakte op. In Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag en Rotterdam wordt een deel van de moskee_n aan het oog van gemeentebesturen onttrokken. Het gaat om nieuwe gebedshuizen van vaak jonge, ontevreden moskeebezoekers. Tegen de trend in beginnen zij juist weer in kleine ruimten de islam te prediken.