The City Council orders the closure of a mosque in Lleida

Lleida´s City Council has ordered the closure of the mosque in Nord. The Security Councillor has argued that the seating capacity of the mosque has been exceeded several times without attending the town council hearings.

This closure has taken place after the controversial statements made by Abdelwahab Houzi, the imam of the Nord mosque, during a meeting of a mosque federation held last Sunday. Houzi encouraged the participants to take advantage of the Catalonian separatist parties for the promotion of Salafi Islam.

Lleida Mosque

The difficulties in the relationship between the town council and the imam of the biggest Muslim association in Lleida, Abdelwahab Houzi, have flourished last week, because of a misunderstood about a personal trip of Houzi to Saudi Arabia. The problems arose when the town councilors were informed that it could be possible that Houzi had left Lleida forever without finishing the construction of the new mosque.
The construction of the new mosque was agreed by the town council, who transferred the land needed and promote the licenses for the construction, and the association leaded by Houzi, who would support financially the construction of this new building.

Some gossip spread in Lleida the past weekend, when nobody knew if Houzi would return to Spain and nobody was able to ask any question about where the money for the construction of the new mosque was.

On Monday, March the 1st, the imam Abdelwahab Houzi appeared in Lleida saying, that his trip was only a holiday trip and that he had no intention to leave Spain. In other hand he recognized that the association was suffering financial problems, but that he was trying to manage them and looking for some solution.
Anyway this misunderstood reflects the problems in the relationship between the town council and Houzi.
Houzi has suffered several critics of the town councilors and some members of his mosque, because of his intolerance and his rigorous understanding of the Islam.