The Veil in Islam: A free and Informed Choice

By Erika Farris

March 11, 2013


This article discusses women and the veil. In particular the story focuses on Khalida El Khatir, born in Morocco in 1984 her father moved to Trentino for work. She makes the point that the ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi has acted in a way that subjugates women. The veil is not a representation of oppression or subjection and Islam cannot be reduced to fanatics. This is a stance seen in the video “Life Beyond the Veil” from the website series Italian Letters.

“Educated Women, Protagonists”: Meeting on Women’s Role in Islam


In conjunction with International Women’s Day, a Meeting in Trento entitled “Educated Women, Protagonists” was organized by the Muslim Women of Trento, the Association of Muslim Women in Italy and The women of GMI Trento. The meeting broadly discussed women in Islam, and the importance of women in the immigrant community of Trento.


Islam is a Religion for Women: New Publication Tre donne: una sfida (Three women: a Challenge)

3/8/2013 tre donne



Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, and Biancamaria Scarcia Amoretti both condemn the use of the Islamic faith to suppress women, denouncing those who do this as “tyrants” during a meeting in Rome on women and Islam. The discussion in Rome stemmed from the presentation of Three Women: A Challenge a book which presents an interview with three Muslim women of differing generations and countries, but united by the “challenge” of Islam and its treatment of women.

The author, Marisa Paolucci, interviewed an Iranian woman, Shirin Ebadi, the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, a Sudanese woman, Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, the first woman elected to a parliament in Africa, and Malalai Joya an Afghan woman and former parliamentarian. Three profiles, which according to the author illustrate the same thing, that women are respected in Islam. To purchase the book visit


21 year old Egyptian man beats his girlfriend to convince her to convert to Islam


La Repubblica

A man in Milan is accused of beating his 27 year old Mexican girlfriend over the period of 5-months. According to the national news outlet, he beat her to get her to convert to Islam including to wear the veil. Neighbors frequently called the police to report the domestic violence issue, on March 8, International Women’s Day, she finally allowed charges to be pressed.


Holy Land: Christians and Muslims remember Pope Benedict the XVI



During the past few days, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Druze and greek-orthodox organized moments of prayer and initiatives to commemorate Benedict XVI as they all await the election the new Successor. Some communities even asked Muslims to express their opinion of Pope Benedict XVI. Many cited the Regensburg speech, in which, according to this article, the Pope’s words were misunderstood.

Followers of Islam look for new space for worship and community


The Islamic community of Varese [a community in Northern Italy] has outgrown it’s meeting space in downtown Verese. New plans include possible spaces in other districts with parking lots. The then Mayor in the early 90s would not allow the center to be called a mosque but rather a community center. The space has become too small for some 3,000 faithful who live in surrounding regions. The current mayor explains that no decisions have been made about where to move the center.

New Publication: “Terrorismo e fondamentalismo islamico”

3/8/2013 Terrorismo book

“Terrorismo e fondamentalismo islamico” Terrorism and Fundamental Islam by Roberto Colella, a Political Scientist and Journalist. An open session with the author and local politicians took place March 8, 2013.

Islam Divides Cardinals 3/5/2013

Peter Turkson, a possible candidate for Pope has tense relations with his colleague French Cardinal Andre’ Vingt-Trois. Their disagreement begin when Cardinal Turkson presented a video to the most recent synod which contended that proselytizing of Islam is growing in Europe. One example of this shift is evidenced by the construction of more mosques than churches in France. The video also discussed the effect of the growing influence of Islam in Africa. The Cardinal of Paris was offended by the video, mainly because he thought it over-pronounced the influence of Islam in the old world.


Five Star Movement Wins in Recent Elections, what does this mean for Muslim relations in Italy?

The new Five Star party headed by Beppo Grillo swept Italian politics during the most recent elections, winning more candidates in the Chamber of Deputies than any other party. Grillo, a former comedian, organized a movement that will likely bring the Italian government to its knees unless the traditional parties of the Left and Right can form a coalition, which is doubtful. Grillo has not made any direct comments about the Islam faith since the recent elections, however, back in June 2012, the International Business Times reported that Grillo believes, “Islam is not a fundamentalist religion and talks over the state of Israel have become taboo.”