On Ramadan in Turkey

July 10, 2014

The Standard, one of the Austrians leading daily newspapers, is reporting on the Ramadan tradition. How and why Turkish Muslims or Muslims in general are fasting for the duration of 30 days. The story also focuses on a drummer in Istanbul, who is responsible to wake up the Muslims for “suhur” (the pre-dawn meal).

Debating potential Burka ban in Austria

July 10, 2014

Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz is against a Burka ban in Austria. Kurz stresses that a ban of the Burka will not solve any of the challenges the Austrian community currently faces. The right wing party FPÖ spoke out in favour of a ban on the Burka.

On Refugee laws in Austria

July 6, 2014

Several Austrian politicians for example Alev Korun member of the Green Party or Johanna Mikl-Leitner member of the ÖVP, expressed their concern about the refugee developments on the Mediterranean region. Mikl-Leitner is supporting a resettlement program, which should help the refugees after a certain time to go back to their home countries. Alev Korun criticized in return Mikl-Leitner, especially since the region has become a “death zone”.

The lack of recognition for the Turkish language

July 6, 2014

According to the Brigitta Busch, Professor of linguistics at the University of Vienna, Austria is generally paying low or no attention and offers no recognition to language diversity inside its borders. In particular, the Turkish language, Busch stresses, does not enjoy any positive reputation; however, since some parts of the government want to establish a Turkish Matura at the Gymnasiums, some politicians from the right are openly showing their assessment.

Turkish culture community response to prime minister Erdongans visit to Vienna

June 22, 2014

A member of the Turkish culture community, Melissa Günes, wrote an op-ed in one of the leading Austrian newspapers. She clearly criticized the Turkish prime minister for calling the Turkish population living in Austria, as descendants of Süleyman the Magnificent and Kara Mustafa Pascha, both very famous Ottoman leaders. According to Günes the Turks in Austria a very proud of their Turkish cultural roots; however, she stresses, they are also proud of their new Austrian country. According to Günes, Turkeys AKP government should focus more on Turkey and guarantee more democratic rights for all members of the Turkish state.

The Austrian Green parties debate on the burka

July 3, 2014

There are not many women in Austria who wear the burka. However, the Bundesrat of the Green party, Efgani Dönmez, advocated punishing women who wear the burka. For instance, mister Dönmez asked the government to cut down social benefits in those Muslim families, in which women wear the burka. Not only members of Dönmez’s own party, but also some from the socialist party criticized mister Dönmez’s opinion. Eva Glawischnig, who is the leader of the Green party, said  she generally supports to strengthen women rights inside Islamic traditions; however, she strongly doubts this approach of mister Dönmez to the issue.

Long-term observation in Wien-Floridsdorf, Vienna

July 3, 2014

In 2005 a home for people seeking asylum was built in Wien-Floridsdorf, Vienna. Back then the residents were explicitly against it. Now a long-term observation in Wien-Floridsdorf shows, that after more than nine years none of the concerns and fears, which were at the first place responsible for the resistance, are playing an important role anymore. A team of reporters documented the events over nine years.

On Erdogan’s election campaign in Austria

June 29, 2014

Several articles on the Austrian national public service broadcaster (ORF) are concerned with the Turkish prime ministers “non-official” election campaign in Austria. According to Turkish newspapers and political scientists, Erdogan is going to run for the upcoming presidential elections on August 10, 2014. In Austria, Germany and France Erdogan is “fishing” for potential voters.

Syrian refugees discovered in a Turkish truck

June 28, 2014

According to the Wiener Zeitung, eight Syrian refugees were discovered in a Turkish truck at the toll gate at Gleinalm. The subjects were between 2 and 66 years old. It is not clear if Austria was their primary destination.

Ramadan in Austrian media

June 28, 2014

Because the fasting month of  Ramadan starts today, the ORF tried the enlighten some of its readers, who are not familiar with the Muslim religious tradition. The story tries to show the different ways that Muslims handle the month of Ramadan. For example, the report tells the reader, that because of exceptional rules soccer players do not have to obey rules of fasting during the soccer world cup games.