French police brutalize Muslim woman in Paris (video)

French police brutalized a Muslim woman in an alleyway in a suburb of Paris, this morning.

A shocking video captured from the balcony of a residential building in Pantin, just outside of Paris, shows a Muslim woman being beaten by half a dozen French police officers.

According to eye witnesses who uploaded the video to social media networks, the Muslim woman is a mother that was protecting her son from being beaten by the police.

The Muslim woman wearing a blue traditional Islamic dress was dragged, beaten and punched by the authorities, while she screamed in fear and kept on trying to protect her son who was taken into custody onboard a police car.

The video has gone viral garnering over 300,000 views within a few hours. Social media users have condemned the use of force by the French authorities.

“You don’t hit a mother just for protecting her children. We would have all done the same for our children. They should have just set her aside but not beat her relentlessly like that. It’s just horrible,” an outraged mother commented.

“Shocking! Shame to France, I will never stop hating the police or let’s say pigs. Poor mother, they don’t deserve to live these dogs!” another user wrote.

Following the attack, the woman reportedly went to Jean Verdier Hospital Emergency Department to evaluate her injuries.

According to the doctor’s diagnosis posted by Islam & Info Facebook account, the victim named Zahra, suffered “physical aggression and tear gas from the police.”

Her injuries include: “dorsal contusion, redness and pain, water eyes, major sprains on the right side of her body, contusion of right elbow with cutaneous bruising, and psychological shock.”

The hospital recommended “partial temporary incapacity for 10 days.”

The rise of Islamophobia in France has reached alarming levels following the Paris attacks of November 13.

As of November 21, 32 acts of Islamophobia had been registered in France. Since then, other mosques have been closed, others vandalized, Korans have been burned by protesters, and violence, both physical and verbal against Muslims continues on the rise.

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