Mostly Muslim Women victim of islamophobic violence by white male offenders

Islamophobic violence is on a rise in the Netherlands. This was written in a press release by the organization Meld Islamofobie (English: Report Islamophobia) in a report that was recently published. In the period from January to June of this year Meld Islamofobie has registered 89 cases of Muslims that were physically or verbally attacked on the basis of their religion. In the press release Meld Islamofobie writes: “no less than 90 % of the victims were woman and a large majority of the offenders was male and white. In one third of the cases physical violence was used against the victim. Victims of Islamophobia mostly don’t report the incident to the authorities. In cases were there was an involvement of physical violence only 39 % reported this to the police.”

More detailed information can be found in the relevant report (in Dutch):