British Islamic extremists who sneaked out of UK admit breaching terror law

Trevor Brooks and Simon Keeler had been required to notify police three days in advance of any overseas travel under Part 4 of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008. But the pair failed to give police any warning when they left the country earlier this month, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard. Brooks, 40, and Keeler, 44, were arrested in Hungary on a train headed for Bucharest, the Romanian capital, on November 14. They were then sent back to the UK after a European arrest warrant for them had been issued.

Prosecutor Adam Harbinson said: “Mr Keeler was found with nine pairs of socks and two tubes of toothpaste which indicates that he intended to be travelling for some time.” He said there was no record of their names on any airport or port’s list of passengers leaving the UK on November 9 – when Keeler said they had departed – or November 8 or 10. Their intended destination was not given to the court.

Brooks and Keeler were handed four-and-a-half year jail terms in April 2008 after urging Muslims to join the mujahideen and fight Britons and Americans in Iran.

Brooks was born in Britain to Christian parents of Jamaican origin. He converted to Islam at the age of 17 with one of his brothers and changed his name to Abu Izzadeen. Former builder Keeler – also known as Sulayman – became the first white British Muslim to be convicted of terrorism offences.