Nearly one in two Frenchmen see Muslims as threat to stability [poll]

These are the figures obtained in an IFOP survey from mid-July. According to the figures published by Atlantico, 44% of Frenchmen consider the Muslim community as “a threat to the country’s stability.” In other words, one in two Frenchmen has a negative opinion of Muslims.

Those surveyed were asked to choose from three responses: is the Muslim community’s presence a “threat to the country,” a “part of its cultural enrichment,” or “neither of the two.” Only 19% of respondents believed that Muslims were a part of the country’s “cultural enrichment,” and 37% answered neither.

Unsurprisingly, among respondents, those who support the National Front have the most negative views about the Muslim community. 90% of FN supporters surveyed believe the community is a threat, while 2% see it as culturally enriching, and 8% believe the Muslim community is neither.

Responses are similar among those who consider themselves right-wing, but with less strong responses than FN supporters. 59% of Republicains consider the community to be a threat, 10% to be culturally enriching, while 31% believe they are neither.

Finally, among the socialists, the responses were 23%, 33%, and 44%, respectively.

Atlantico study (FrenchMuslim Women)