School Bans Pupils from Fasting in Ramadan

A primary school in east London has drawn criticism for banning Muslim pupils from fasting during Ramadan at school. In a letter from Barclay Primary School, parents were informed that while the school appreciated what Ramadan meant to Muslims, they would be banning the requirement to fast on school grounds.

“We have sought guidance and are reliably informed that in Islamic Law children are not required to fast during Ramadan, only being required to do so when they become adults,” the letter from the Leyton school said. The school said although they understood that the age of adulthood was disputed, “in Islamic Law the health of an individual [was] the first priority”.

“Previously, we have had a number of children who became ill and children who have fainted or been unable to fully access the school curriculum in their attempts to fast.”

The decision has sparked criticism from some members of the Muslim community. A spokesperson from the Muslim Association of Britain told Mail Online that parents had the right over the final choice on fasting.Letter