Forum on Islam at Assembly: “That’s enough!”

One of the French Council of the Muslim Faith’s leaders, Abdallah Zekri, severely criticized the forum at the National Assembly during “Republic and Islam,” an initiative by deputy and former socialist minister Jean Glavany.

Publié le 18/06/2015 à 21:10 - Modifié le 19/06/2015 à 06:00 | Source Le
Publié le 18/06/2015 à 21:10 – Modifié le 19/06/2015 à 06:00 | Source Le

“We believe that the initiative by Nicolas Sarkozy’s party (June 4) stigmatized Muslims. I wish to tell Mr. Glavany to stop solely focusing on Islam, which is not responsible for all the country’s problems,” said Zekri.

At Jean Glavany’s initiative, a strong supporter of French secularism, a forum met entitled “Republic and Islam: together, approaching the challenge.” According to the invitation extended to the press, the first section aimed to address politicians. He denounced the “exclusionary discourse” which hoped to “use secularism to divert its direction and scope.” The second component addressed French Muslims who “have not yet collectively made an effort to adapt to French society.” Attendees hoped to “help construct a peaceful relationship with the Republic by promoting an Islam of French as an Enlightenment Islam, modern and tolerant.”

“We are Republicans, we respect secularism, the 1905 law suits us perfectly. Now, I say that’s enough,” responded Zekri. “Mr. Glavany is part of the majority. Instead of taking such initiatives, he should approach Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who addressed the problems facing French Muslims last Monday at the dialogue forum, with which the government is evidently doing its part,” he added.

“Leave Muslims in peace, especially during the month of Ramadan, which is a month of appeasement and sharing,” he added.