#JeTchipelesRepublicains: Debate on Islam sparks ‘tchip’ on Twitter

Islam is at the center of the debate in Nicolas Sarkozy’s party under its new name “The Republicans.” So what is “tchip”? It’s a term used “In black cultures: among Africans, those from the Caribbean, or African-Americans,” explains Yaotcha d’Almedia, author of the TV show Karambolage d’Arte.

Tchip is a non-verbal act of disapproval or annoyance. Most often used by women and young girls, tchip-ing can be used instead of a phrase or response. It sends a clear message. Some schools are starting to ban the noise as it is seen as insulting.

Many politicians and political actors declined the invitation to Sarkozy’s meeting with The Republicans. The hashtag #JeTchipelesRepublicans is in the top 10 of most-used hashtags, which has been used to show opposition to the meeting.