Approximately 660,000 Dutch adults view themselves as Muslim

The percentage of religious adults has further decreased in the Netherlands. In 2014 only a small majority of 50,8 % claimed to have a religious affiliation. The largest part thereof (40,2 %) consider themselves as Christian. 24,4 % is Catholic and 15,8 % is Protestant. 4,9 % of the Dutch population above the age of 18 years consider themselves as Muslim. The remainder of 5,7 % of the population is Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or something else.


These are the results of a research that was presented by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The data was extracted from the Survey Working Population which was conducted between the period of 2010-2014 in which approximately 460 thousand adults (18 years of age or older) participated.


Further information can be found by following this link (in Dutch):

Religieuze betrokkenheid van bevolkingsgroepen, 2010–2014 [Download PDF]