Muslims and Political Participation in Britain [Newly- Released Book and Coupon]

A new book, titled “Muslims and Political Participation in Britain” has recently been released by Timothy Peace of University of Stirling. The first link below is the link to purchase the book, and the second link is a PDF which contains a discount code to apply to the book purchase.

Muslims and Political Paricipation in Britain USD [Download PDF]

Approximately 660,000 Dutch adults view themselves as Muslim

The percentage of religious adults has further decreased in the Netherlands. In 2014 only a small majority of 50,8 % claimed to have a religious affiliation. The largest part thereof (40,2 %) consider themselves as Christian. 24,4 % is Catholic and 15,8 % is Protestant. 4,9 % of the Dutch population above the age of 18 years consider themselves as Muslim. The remainder of 5,7 % of the population is Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or something else.


These are the results of a research that was presented by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The data was extracted from the Survey Working Population which was conducted between the period of 2010-2014 in which approximately 460 thousand adults (18 years of age or older) participated.


Further information can be found by following this link (in Dutch):

Religieuze betrokkenheid van bevolkingsgroepen, 2010–2014 [Download PDF]

Dutch Islamic organization criticize media representation of Muslims and imams

The Collaboration for Islamic Organizations in the Haaglanden Region has stated in a letter to the Minister of Security and Justice Ard van der Steur that the way in which imams and Muslims are portrayed in the media is worrisome. De organization speaks of “troublesome developments” in society.


The collaboration, which comprises of 23 Islamic organizations, poses that “being Muslim” and the religion of Islam are “unnecessarily and unjustly besmeared”. The organization alluded to allegedly targeted attacks against Islamic scholars who wanted to speak in the Dutch cities of Rijswijk, Utrecht, and Eindhoven.


In addition they denounced the use of terms such as “hate preachers”, “hate beards”, and “jihad families” by the media. The current social climate, according to the collaboration, is instigated by certain media and the absence of clarity from the Dutch government.


Moreover the organization claims that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Islamic organizations and directors of houses of worship to convince their following that they can participate in society as full citizens. “In this discussion we cannot rule out that a double standard is being used and that Muslims are being presented as second-rate citizens if the government does not stand up for them”.

Arabist and Islam critic Hans Jansen passes away at the age of 72

Well known arabist, Islam critic, and member of the European Parliament Hans Jansen died at the age of 72 after a short sickbed. Since June 2014 Jansen was a parliamentary member for the Party for Freedom (PVV) working together with the Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders.


Jansen wrote seventeen books about Islam which appeared through Dutch, German, and American publishers. He also worked on a translation of the Quran and wrote columns for various outlets.


Jansen was seen as a confident of Geert Wilders advising him, among other things, on the Quranic texts used in the anti-Islam film ‘Fitna’. In the period between 2010 and 2011 Jansen played an important role as witness-expert in the court case against Wilders who was prosecuted and acquitted for sowing hatred and discrimination.

Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders mentioned in online magazine Islamic State

Dutch Islam critic Geert Wilders, the political leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), was mentioned in the new internet magazine ‘Dabiq’ of Istamic State (IS). In the preface a photo of Wilders features with the text “a crusader who ridiculed the prophet”.


The preface speaks, among other things, of the two men who committed an assault several weeks ago in the Texan city Garland during a meeting about caricatures of the prophet Muhammed. Wilders was present at this meeting but had already left when the men tried to enter the building while shooting.


IS has claimed the assault but it is not yet clear if terrorist movement was actually behind it.


Dutch cabinet is prepares law draft for ban on Islamic burqa

In the near future most probably a law will come into existence banning face-covering clothing, like the burqa, in education, hospitals, public transport, and government buildings. The Labour Party (PvdA) and the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) already mentioned their intention to ban the burqa in their coalition agreement in 2012.


Labour Party-Minister of Internal Affairs Ronald Plasterk has elaborated these preliminary agreements into a new law proposal which will be discussed in the Ministerial Council on short notice.


Someone who covers the face in places were this is prohibited risks a fine of a maximum of 450 euros. The police has a right to demand that a person uncovers the face if they believe this is necessary for identifying the person.


In an earlier stage the government already decided that people on welfare can lose their alimony if they show up with face-covering clothing at a job interview.

Will Death Make Tsarnaev a Martyr? Experts Say It Depends

BOSTON — Does putting Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death make him a martyr for the cause?

Some analysts worry that Tsarnaev’s eventual execution could inspire more attacks. But others, including Islamic leaders, say no: Tsarnaev was more of a lone wolf with a low profile among radical jihadists and no known links to the Islamic State group, al-Qaida or other influential terror organizations.

It will take years, possibly decades, of appeals before Tsarnaev — sentenced Friday by a federal jury in Boston to death by lethal injection — is executed.

Legislators pass bill that had been nixed over Islamic law

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Legislature approved federally mandated child support rules Monday, undoing a rejection that had jeopardized U.S. involvement in an international treaty and threatened to collapse the state’s payment system.

Idaho’s rejection last month — by one vote on the last day of the legislative session over fears it could subject the U.S. courts to rulings made elsewhere under Islamic law — threatened an international effort intended to make it easier for parents to receive funds.

Report Highlights Threats to Cartoonists Worldwide

The immediacy of visual imagery and the rise of social media have created an environment in which cartoonists are particularly vulnerable to “censorship, punitive lawsuits, physical assault, imprisonment, disappearance and murder,” according to a reportto be issued on Tuesday by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The report, commissioned after the attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in January, is the organization’s first report to focus specifically on threats to cartoonists. Elana Beiser, the group’s editorial director, said that while it was unknown whether dangers to cartoonists were rising, the Charlie Hebdo attack, which left 12 people dead, highlighted the sometimes deadly perils they face.

The report, written by Shawn W. Crispin, also surveys the impact of threats from extremists like the Muslim radicals who attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo, presumably because of its cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. That attack, along with previous ones elsewhere, have led to widespread self-censorship, the report says.