Conference will debate stigmatisation felt by Muslim women

The intense media coverage of Islamic extremism has left many British Muslims feeling stigmatised and stereotyped. In Bradford, the Muslim Women’s Council is concerned about the negative impact this is having on the reputation and welfare of ordinary Muslim’s across the district. Now the organisation is providing an opportunity for women from different backgrounds – academics, professionals, mothers and students – to unite and seek possible solutions to some of the most important questions facing British Muslims today.

Islamic extremism and its media portrayal is the focus of Daughters of Eve, a two-day conference organised by Muslim Women’s Council (MWC), bringing together women from around the UK. The first Daughters of Eve conference, in 2011, was attended by more than 300 women from across the UK.

Bana Gora, chief executive of Muslim Women’s Council, said, “We will provide a safe environment for women – Muslim and non-Muslim – to come together and discuss and debate issues of importance.” The aim is for Daughters of Eve to become an annual conference, each with a topical theme. This year’s event is called Human Rights, Human Wrongs; Muslim Women Creating a New Narrative.