Jihadists better die than return

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated in a debate that he would rather see a jihadist die in Syria or Iraq than return to the Netherlands. According to him they leave to commit the most horrible attacks and he doesn’t want them back in the country.

Other politicians disagrees heavily with him. According to Alexander Pechtold (leader D66 – Democrats 66) it doesn’t suit a Prime Minister to talk like this. Whereupon Rutte answered that he has to protect the country and ‘I will do this to the very end’.

Pechtold himself wants returnees to be held accountable in court. Sybrand Haersma Buma (leader CDDA – Christian Democratic Appel) wants returnees to be arrested and says that upon return they too easily can go ‘underground’. Emile Roemer (leader SP – Social Party) says there should be more focus on de-radicalization of jihadists.