Islamic State threatens: “Oh dirty rats of France, expect the destruction of your Eiffel Tower”

France was already threatened by ISIL in February. Several weeks later, the group struck again. In an audio message posted online, Abou Mohammad Al-Adnani, official spokesman for the jihadist group, declared the group hopes to “topple the White House, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.” Throughout the 27 minutes, he discussed possible attacks against French interests.

After remaining silent for two months, Abou Mohammad Al-Adnani named cities in which those “faithful” to the Islamic State should carry out attacks such as Paris, Rome, and Jerusalem.

However in a tweet by Abu Abdullah Britani, a British jihadist, London and Washington were also cited. “Oh dogs of the United Kingdom…all you will see is horror on peoples faces and your Big Ben reduced to dust…Oh dirty rats of France, expect the destruction of your Eiffel Tower and for your country to give in to anarchy” he writes. In contrast, ISIL accepted Boko Haram’s allegiance who Al-Adnani believes “should give more power to the organization.”

Al-Adani stated that “no one can overcome the Islamic State. We go from victory to victory with the Grace of God.” “You are weak and cowardly…Convert or you will suffer the Law of the Islamic State when your armies are annihilated from the peninsula of Muhammad to Jerusalem and all the Muslim world,” he concluded, addressing Jews and Christians.